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Delays / Echo

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    JMG Sound Mirror

    Reverse Effects Plug-in

    Mirror creates reversed delay/reverb effects that come before the note...

    Reviews May 2022
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    Applied Acoustic Systems Objeq Delay

    Delay Plug-in

    Objeq Delay is not a typical delay plug‑in. Yes, it can generate repeats with adjustable feedback and tempo sync, but the way it treats them, using some ingenious acoustic filtering, really sets it apart.

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    Audio Damage Other Desert Cities

    Delay Plug-in [AAX / AU / VST / VST3]

    ODC offers six distinct delay algorithms, all named after cities in Arizona...

    Reviews Feb 2022
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    SSL X-Echo

    Delay Plug-in For Mac & Windows

    SSL Native X‑Echo is a tape‑echo plug‑in that’s inspired by the sound of early hardware units, not least the Echoplex...

    Reviews Jan 2022
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    Cherry Audio Stardust 201 plug-in

    Cherry Audio Stardust 201

    Tape Echo Plug-in

    This inexpensive Stardust 201 plug‑in borrows features from the original Roland RE‑201 and RE‑301 hardware, including the chorus section and spring reverb.

    Reviews Jan 2022
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    Rob Papen DelSane

    Delay / Multi-effects Plug-in

    If you prefer delays that are a little more ‘out there’, this one is aimed at you.

    Reviews Aug 2021
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    Baby Audio Spaced Out

    Delay & Reverb Plug-in

    This ‘wet effects generator’ is aimed squarely at modern productions.

    Reviews Jun 2021
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    Waves CLA Epic

    Delay & Reverb Plug-in

    Waves have a long‑standing relationship with celebrated rock music mixer Chris Lord‑Alge, and CLA Epic offers the user some of Chris’s favourite delay and reverb treatments.

    Reviews May 2021
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    Wavesfactory Echo Cat

    Analogue-modelling Delay Plug-in

    The Echo Cat mimics the famous Watkins hardware tape delay, but is capable of more besides.

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Space Delay

    Delay Plug-in

    While capturing the sound of the original hardware and controls, IK have added several useful features that today's DAW user should appreciate.

    Reviews Oct 2020
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    Audio Damage Enso

    Looper Plug‑in For Mac, Windows & iOS

    What more can this plug‑in offer than the hardware that inspired it?

    Reviews Jun 2020
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    Pulsar Echorec

    Analogue-modelling Delay Plug-in

    This plug-in sounds pleasingly 'organic' and adds some useful functionality compared with the Binson Echorecs on which it's based.

    Reviews Apr 2020
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    TC Electronic TC 2290-DT

    Delay Plug-in & Hardware Controller

    The TC 2290-DT is part plug-in, part hardware: the bus-powered USB 2 device acts as both dongle and control surface...

    Reviews Aug 2019
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    PSP 608 Multidelay

    Delay-based Effects Plug-in [Mac/PC]

    PSP's latest plug-in covers the spectrum from vintage tape-echo emulation to serious weirdness.

    Reviews May 2006
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