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    Wampler Moxie tube screamer ts10 overdrive pedal

    Wampler Moxie overdrive pedal

    Classic design with new EQ and gain options

    Wampler's latest pedal offers a versatile new take on the classic TS10 Tube Screamer circuit. 

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    Neural DSP Archetype Rabea guitar triggered software synthesizer amp simulator

    Neural DSP release Archetype: Rabea

    Contains a synthesizer that can be triggered by a guitar

    Archetype: Rabea from Neural DSP features a synthesizer that can be triggered by a standard guitar, without the need for any special pickups or hardware. 

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    Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive tube screamer style effects pedal

    Origin Effects Halcyon Green Overdrive

    First pedal to feature company's new Adaptive Circuitry

    The latest overdrive pedal from Origin Effects introduces some new features to a classic design. 

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    Strymon blueSky El Capistan Flint Deco DIG Lex MIDI hardware update

    Strymon update six popular pedals

    MIDI functionality, additional controls and more

    Strymon's blueSky, El Capistan, Flint, Deco, DIG, and Lex pedals have all been treated to an update, with new MIDI functionality and controls added. 

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    Great Eastern FX Design-a-drive guitar overdrive pedal UK

    Great Eastern FX Design-a-drive

    New overdrive pedal equipped with unique tone-shaping controls

    The latest overdrive pedal from Great Eastern FX Co. has been designed to compliment any amp and pickup combination.

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    Two Notes ReVolt pedals

    Two Notes ReVolt amp simulator pedals

    Guitar and bass models both feature 12AX7 valve preamp

    ReVolt Guitar and ReVolt Bass are a pair of new three-channel amp simulator pedals that feature an all-analogue signal path with a valve preamp stage.

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