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    Digitech FreqOut

    Guitar Feedback Pedal

    Creating genuine and controllable guitar feedback has always presented a challenge, and few pedal or plug-in designers have...

    Reviews Nov 2017
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    Digitech Trio Band Creator

    Auto-accompaniment Stomp Box

    Every so often, an innovative and easy-to-use piece of technology comes along that makes me (and everyone that I show it to) grin from ear to ear...

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    Digitech Mosaic

    Polyphonic 12-String Effect Pedal

    While we’ve all been sitting waiting for the next big thing in studio recording, there’s been a quiet but very significant revolution going on literally beneath our feet in the world of effect pedals.

    Reviews Jun 2015
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    DigiTech RP250

    Amp Modeller, Multi FX & Audio Interface

    • Digitech RP250 Amp Modeller, Multi FX and Audio Interface • Tips: DIY Guitar Lube... plus news of TC Electronic's Classic Pedals.

    Reviews Mar 2007
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    Guitar Technology

    Digitech Expression Factory • 'Re-amping' Electric Guitars

    • Digitech EX7 Expression Factory • Electro-Harmonix 2880 Super Multitrack Looper • Technique: 'Re-amping' electric guitars

    Reviews May 2006
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    Digitech Artist Series

    Digital Guitar Effects Pedals

    These new pedals model celebrated guitar tones, including those of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, in unprecedented detail.

    Reviews Dec 2005
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    Digitech GNX4

    Guitar Workstation/Multitracker

    Is it an amp modeller? Is it a multitracker? Is it an audio/MIDI interface? We stomp the facts out of Digitech's new box...

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    Digitech BP200

    Modelling Bass Effects

    Digitech BP200 Modelling Bass Effects

    Reviews Mar 2002
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    Digitech Studio Quad

    Digital Effects Processor

    Paul White tries to pigeonhole Digitech's new effects unit — but quickly discovers that it can mean different things to different users.

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Digitech TSR6

    Stereo Effects Processor

    Digitech have trimmed back both price and features for the latest addition to the TSR effects family. But does the newcomer offer enough bang per buck?

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Digitech RPM1

    Valve Rotary Speaker Simulator

    There have been Leslie simulators before, but none to exploit the sympathetic warmth of valves.

    Reviews Feb 1996
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