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    Moog Moogerfooger Plug-ins

    Effects Plug-ins

    Moog may be better known for their synths, but their out‑of‑production Moogerfooger effects change hands for silly prices. And now they’re available in software form...

    Reviews . Feb 2023
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    Moog MF Flange & MF Chorus

    Modulation Effects Pedals

    The MF Flange and MF Chorus pedals are the latest in Moog’s Minifooger line, the initial offerings of which we reviewed...

    Reviews May 2016
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    Moog MF108M Cluster Flux

    Effects Pedal

    The latest Moogerfooger, offering chorus and flanging, is alluring but not cheap — so is the Cluster Flux worth the bucks?

    Reviews Jun 2012
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    Moog MF107 Freqbox

    Effects Pedal

    The MF107 Freqbox does what Moogerfooger pedals do best — offers lashings of good old-fashioned Moog weirdness.

    Reviews Nov 2008
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    Bob Moog MuRF

    Voltage-Controlled Filter Pedal

    This unusual effects pedal combines a bank of eight band-pass filters with an analogue-style control sequencer.

    Reviews Apr 2005
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