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    Electro Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive Pedal

    Overdrive Pedal

    Just what the world needs, right? Another overdrive pedal... Well, in the case of the Electro-Harmonix Soul Food the answer...

    Reviews May 2014
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    Electro-Harmonix Superego

    Stomp Box Effect

    Electro-Harmonix' Superego effect is a spin-off from their Freeze pedal, which was itself derived from one of their 'infinite...

    Reviews Feb 2013
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    Electro-Harmonix Analogizer

    Guitar Processor

    David Greeves gets his hands on this specialist piece of kit that can modify your existing guitar pedals with overdrive and delay effects.

    Reviews May 2012
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    Electro Harmonix Ravish

    Sitar Emulation Stomp-box Effect

    Paul White checks out this stomp-box effect from Electro Harmonix.

    Reviews Jan 2012
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    Electro Harmonix Freeze

    Sound Retainer Effects Pedal

    Paul White investigates a new effects pedal from Electro Harmonix... everybody Freeze!

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail

    Digital Reverb Processor

    The Holy Grail is probably the simplest digital reverb unit on the planet. Designed for guitar, the pedal will work with any instrument-level source...

    Reviews Aug 2002


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