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    Waves Kaleidoscopes

    Modulation Plug-in

    Waves breathe a little freshness into the familiar.

    Reviews Dec 2020
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    Waves OVox

    Vocal Effects Plug-in

    Waves' new plug–in is more than just a vocoder...

    Reviews May 2020
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    Waves Abbey Road Chambers

    Reverb Plug-in

    Waves’ latest plug-in takes us into the bowels of the world’s most famous studio!

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    Waves Greg Wells Plug-ins

    Mix Bus, Piano & Vocal Processing Plug-ins [Mac OS/Windows]

    A trio of easy-to-use plug-ins from Waves aims to bottle the signature sounds of pop producer Greg Wells.

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates

    Formats: Mac OS & Windows VST, RTAS & AAX; Mac AU

    Waves took on the challenge of modelling four modified EMT 140 plates used at Abbey Road Studios on countless classic recordings. Did they succeed?

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Waves H-Reverb

    Reverb Plug-in For Mac OS & Windows

    In modern productions, reverb often isn’t just reverb. Waves’ latest plug-in offers all the extra tools you’ll need.

    Reviews Aug 2015
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    Waves GTR Guitar Tool Rack

    Guitar Processing System [PC/Mac]

    Software guitar amp modelling has been around for a while, but GTR is Waves' first foray into the field — and as you'd expect, they have made a huge effort to get it right, even hiring guitar maker Paul Reed Smith to design a bespoke preamp.

    Reviews Nov 2005
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