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    Zoom B6

    Bass Processor

    Zoom’s new multi‑effects pedal is both a problem‑solver and a source of inspiration.

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    Q. Do digital effects always cause problems when used via an aux send?

    I've got a Zoom MS-70CDR [multi-effects] pedal, and a few people are saying not to use it via an aux send and return, owing to a comb-filtering issue. Have you noticed this issue with digital pedals on aux returns?

    Sound Advice Jun 2020
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    Zoom RFX2200 & RFX1100

    Multi-effects Processors

    Two of Zoom's budget studio effects processors have been re-released with a few modernisations. Are they still relevant in today's market?

    Reviews Mar 2005
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    Zoom 1010 Player

    Guitar Effects Processor Pedalboard

    It's cheap, it's cheerful and it's easy to use. Paul White rediscovers the joys of simplicity with Zoom's most affordable guitar multi-effects unit ever.

    Reviews Sep 1995
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