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    SoundToys Little Plate

    Reverb Plug-in [Mac/Windows]

    SoundToys’ new reverb might be little, but it has a big sound...

    Reviews Jan 2018
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    SoundToys 5

    Plug-in Effects Suite [Mac OS & Windows]

    Where one SoundToys plug-in isn’t enough, you can now create custom chains, with a new emulation of a classic delay on offer too.

    Reviews Feb 2016
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    Sound Toys Echoboy

    Pro Tools Effects Plug-in [Mac OS X]

    The former Wave Mechanics team set out to create the ultimate classic echo unit emulator, and ended up with a plug-in that does much more.

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    Sound Toys Filter Freak

    Creative Filter Plug-in [Pro Tools]

    Sound Toys claim that their new plug-in captures the sound of an analogue filter in digital form. We put it to the test...

    Reviews Jan 2004
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