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    Strymon Ultraviolet

    Uni-Vibe Emulation Pedal

    The Ultraviolet is the third pedal to join the ranks of Strymon’s new compact line of ARM‑powered processors.

    Reviews Nov 2023
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    Strymon Deco Plugin Tape Saturation Doubletracker DAW analogue emulation plug-in

    Strymon unveil Deco Plugin

    Second pedal ported to DAW plug-in

    Strymon have released their second plug-in, offering users the chance to employ the popular Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker in their DAW sessions.

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    Strymon Midnight Edition Volante NightSky Zelzah Compadre reverb delay flanger phaser chorus compressor boost guitar effects pedals

    Strymon expand Midnight range

    Four new limited edition pedals

    Strymon's NightSky, Volante, Compadre, and Zelzah pedals are the latest devices to become available in the limited edition finish.

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    Strymon Zelzah

    Modulation Pedal

    The Zelzah will take you to places conventional phasers can only dream of...

    Reviews Nov 2022
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    Strymon blueSky El Capistan Flint Deco DIG Lex MIDI hardware update

    Strymon update six popular pedals

    MIDI functionality, additional controls and more

    Strymon's blueSky, El Capistan, Flint, Deco, DIG, and Lex pedals have all been treated to an update, with new MIDI functionality and controls added. 

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    Mixing With Pedals

    Enhance Your Creativity

    Why let guitarists have all the fun? Stompboxes can be inspirational mixing tools.

    Techniques Apr 2021
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    Strymon Volante

    Virtual Tape-echo Pedal

    This isn't Strymon's first analogue-modelling delay pedal... but it may well be their best!

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    Strymon Magneto

    Eurorack Module

    Strymon’s effect pedals are revered and rumours of Eurorack versions generated a degree of anticipation. The first module released is Magneto, an echo machine based on tape simulation, with four playback heads, phrase sampling, looping and a lush spring reverb.

    Reviews Sep 2018
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    Strymon Deco

    Tape-saturation & Double-tracking Processor

    No effects pedal has managed to pack in all the juicy sonic goodness and delicious mayhem of dual tape machines — until now!

    Reviews Oct 2015
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    Strymon Big Sky

    Stereo Reverb Pedal

    Does Strymon's latest offering finally deliver studio-quality reverb for the guitarist?

    Reviews Jan 2014
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    Strymon Mobius

    Modulation Effects Pedal

    Guitar processor from US-based stomp-box manufacturer.

    Reviews Mar 2013
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