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    Eventide TriceraChorus

    Chorus Stompbox

    Another of Eventide’s excellent plug‑ins makes the transition to the popular pedal format.

    Reviews Jan 2022
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    Eventide Undulator

    Modulated Tremolo Plug-in

    Undulator combines multitap delay with feedback and detuning, alongside a multi-waveform tremolo whose depth and speed can themselves be modulated.

    Reviews Sep 2020
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    Eventide Instant Flanger MkII

    Modulation Plug-in

    Hot on the heels of the Instant Phaser MkII, Eventide have released an update to their Instant Flanger plug-in.

    Reviews Jul 2019
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    Eventide H9000

    Digital Multi-effects Processor

    Eventide's most powerful ever Harmonizer crams half a century of effects know‑how into a unit that's elegant, easy to use and — thanks to its upgradeability — completely futureproof.

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    Eventide Instant Phaser MkII

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    Eventide have long offered a plug-in version of their 1972 Instant Phaser hardware, and now they've revisited it to add both new capabilities and the ability to 'age' the circuity by introducing modelled component value drift.

    Reviews Apr 2019
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    Eventide Euro DDL

    Eurorack Module

    Eventide have finally landed in the sweet‑smelling meadows of Euroland with the Euro DDL, the beating heart of an Eventide digital delay in Eurorack format.

    Reviews Jan 2019
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    Eventide MangledVerb

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    MangledVerb first appeared as an algorithm in the rackmount Eventide Eclipse effects units. It then migrated to the H9 guitar pedal, and is now available as a self-contained plug-in supporting all the usual formats.

    Reviews Mar 2018
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    AES 2017: Eventide H9000 (Video)

    Flagship effects processor announced at New York show

    Having diversified from hardware into plug-ins and stompboxes Eventide continue to be associated with the...

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    Eventide UltraTap Delay

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU

    UltraTap delay was an algorithm in Eventide's H9 processor, but it has now become available as a plug-in in its own right.

    Reviews Oct 2017
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    Eventide UltraTap delay plug-in out now

    H9 algorithm makes the jump to the DAW

    With the H9 Harmonizer, Eventide managed to design a guitar stompbox that may never become obsolete. Less a pedal...

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    Eventide reveal UltraTap plug-in - Summer NAMM

    Delay/reverb algorithm migrates from H9 pedal to DAW

    At yesterday’s Summer NAMM show, we got a quick look at Eventide’s UltraTap plug-in, a DAW-based version of the company’s UltraTap algorithm used on their H9 pedal...

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    Eventide Fission

    Structural Effects Plug-in

    What does Eventide’s “new method for processing audio” offer that we don’t already have in our plug-in folders?

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    Eventide Sculpt

    Split-band Distortion Algorithm (For The H9 Harmonizer Pedal)

    Eventide’s H9 pedal continues to grow in scope as more dedicated algorithms are released for it...

    Reviews Dec 2016
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    Eventide T-Verb

    Formats: Mac & PC VST, RTAS & AAX; Mac AU

    Emulating the setup of gates and room mics on the vocal treatment Tony Visconti used for the David Bowie track ‘Heroes’, Eventide's plug-in is more than a one-trick pony...

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Summer NAMM '16: Eventide Sculpt

    Multi-band distortion algorithm for the H9 Harmonizer stompbox

    Eventide have unveiled the latest algorithm for their award-winning H9 Harmonizer stompbox at the 2016...

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    Eventide Blackhole plug-in screenshot

    Blackhole in your DAW not your wallet

    Time-limited price reduction on Eventide's creative reverb plug-in

    Eventide have announced a limited-time discount on the purchase of their Blackhole reverb plug-in. While most...

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    Eventide announce SpaceTime for H9 systems

    First H9 algorithm to feature multiple FX — delay, reverb & modulation

    Eventide have announced a new algorithm for their H9 stomp box. One criticism that is often levelled at the H9...

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    Eventide Anthology X

    Plug–in Suite For Mac OS X & Windows

    Anthology X makes many of Eventide’s signature effects available in native plug–in formats for the first time. Was it worth the wait?

    Reviews Jan 2016
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    Eventide H9 & H9 Core

    Multi-effects Pedals

    The latest addition to Eventide's stompbox range has the chameleon-like ability to emulate all of its siblings! Not only that, but the new H9 can be controlled and edited from your iPhone or iPad.

    Reviews Apr 2014
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    Eventide Space

    Reverb Effect Pedal

    Come with us on a journey through time and space, as we explore the mysteries of Eventide’s remarkable new effects pedal...

    Reviews Nov 2011
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    Eventide Eclipse V4

    Studio Effects Processor

    You’d think a digital effect processor’s brilliance might have been eclipsed somewhat in the last decade, but Eventide have made significant software changes that keep this one fresh, relevant and desirable.

    Reviews Aug 2011


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