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    Native Instruments introduce Replika XT

    Multi-mode delay with five modelled delay modes launched

    Native Instruments have introduced Replika XT — a creative multi-mode delay. The five deeply modeled delay...

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    Output release first FX engine: Movement

    Movement designed for studio and stage

    The company’s first effects engine is designed to add anything from simple to mind-bending rhythms to any instrument, synth, raw sound or full track...

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    Eventide Blackhole plug-in screenshot

    Blackhole in your DAW not your wallet

    Time-limited price reduction on Eventide's creative reverb plug-in

    Eventide have announced a limited-time discount on the purchase of their Blackhole reverb plug-in. While most...

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    NAMM 2016: Electro-Harmonix Lester G & Lester K (Video)

    Rotary speaker emulation pedals for guitar & keyboard

    The concept of the EHX Lester G and Lester K is to let you carry the power of a...

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    Eventide announce SpaceTime for H9 systems

    First H9 algorithm to feature multiple FX — delay, reverb & modulation

    Eventide have announced a new algorithm for their H9 stomp box. One criticism that is often levelled at the H9...

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    Positive Grid launch Pro Series Studio Plug-Ins

    “World’s first profiling and component-based compressors”

    BIAS Amp and BIAS FX creators Positive Grid have announced the launch of...

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    Time+Space announce savings on iZotope effects and instruments

    Save up to 66% on a range of creative sonic tools

    Need some inspiration or just want a quick and easy way to shake up your signature sound? iZotope has...

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    Flanger Management

    Sonar Tips & Techniques

    Take Sonar back to the ’60s with this vintage-style tape-flanging effect!

    Techniques Feb 2012
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    Effects: All You Need To Know... And A Little Bit More

    Sound Workshop

    Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, there's always something to learn about adding colour to your mix.

    Techniques May 2007
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    Q. What's the difference between phasing and flanging?

    I have several phasing and flanging plug-ins, and the same effects on my Korg Triton. While not identical, the two effects...

    Sound Advice Mar 2006
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    Q. Is there something wrong with my vintage spring reverb?

    I have just bought an old spring reverb unit called the Great British Spring off eBay. It sounds great but if I feed any drums through it, it makes a weird 'ping' sound...

    Sound Advice Dec 2005
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    Q. Is there a big difference between hardware and software reverbs?

    How much difference is there between the quality of a VST reverb plug-in and a hardware reverb processor such as the...

    Sound Advice Oct 2005
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    Q. How do I set up a gated reverb?

    I am trying to recreate the famous gated reverb effect on Phil Collins's records. Can you tell me how the original effect was created?

    Sound Advice Mar 2005
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    Using Software Effects & Outboard


    Get the most from your computer's CPU by learning how to put your effects plug-ins where they really count. Plus, find out how to increase your mixing power by incorporating hardware effects units into your software mixdown.

    Techniques Jul 2004
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    Using Hardware Effects With Your PC Software Studio

    PC Musician

    Do you use a software studio with plug-in effects but crave the effects quality that your favourite hardware processor used to provide? Well, you can have the best of both worlds... as this article explains.

    Techniques Mar 2004
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    Q. How can I set up my Korg Kaoss Pad to act as a pitch-bender?

    Can you please tell me how to set up the Korg Kaoss Pad KP2 as an ordinary pitch-bender?

    Sound Advice Dec 2003
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    Q. What's a good Leslie speaker effect?

    I'm looking for a decent stand-alone Leslie-style rotary speaker effect, mainly for use with keyboards, but also for guitars. Can you offer any suggestions?

    Sound Advice Nov 2003
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    Understanding & Emulating Vintage Effects

    Sound Techniques

    Modern digital effects units always include emulations of analogue effects such as tape delay and flanging — but none of them ever seem quite like the real thing. Paul White explains how these vintage effects worked, and offers insight into how our modern attempts could be made more accurate.

    Techniques Jan 2001
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    Expanding Your Effects Horizons: Part 2

    Effects Processing Tips & Tricks

    In the final part of his short series on pushing back the boundaries of effects processing, Paul White explores many different applications of audio filters, as well as exploring the possibilities of granular synthesis.

    Techniques Dec 2000
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    Expanding Your Effects Horizons: Part 1

    Effects Processing Tips & Tricks

    Most people are familiar with basic reverb, delay and modulation effects, but what lies beyond? In the first part of a new series, Paul White explores the twilight zone of effects processing.

    Techniques Nov 2000
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    Synth FX: Part 2

    The History Of Onboard Synth Effects

    In Part 1, we saw how manufacturers realised that putting DSP effects on synths made for great sales. Subsequently, they twigged that it was also a good idea to let us take them off again (selectively), and route and adjust them ourselves.

    Techniques Apr 1999


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