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    Korg MPS-10 MIDI drum percussion pad sampler performance instrument

    MPS-10 drum pad and KAOSS Replay from Korg

    Two new performance instruments revealed

    Korg's new MPS-10 drum pad promises unrivaled control over sounds and parameters, whilst the KAOSS Replay combines their popular XY-based effects system with a powerful sampler.

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    Korg Kaoss Pad 3

    Dynamic Multi-effects Processor & Sampler

    Korg's tactile effects processor benefits from a major overhaul - so is the third generation the Kaoss Pad you always wanted?

    Reviews Feb 2007
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    Korg AX1500G

    Guitar Multi-effects

    Korg's AX1500G floor-standing guitar multi-effects processor offers tons of tone for very few pounds.

    Reviews Mar 2002
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    Synth FX: Part 2

    The History Of Onboard Synth Effects

    In Part 1, we saw how manufacturers realised that putting DSP effects on synths made for great sales. Subsequently, they twigged that it was also a good idea to let us take them off again (selectively), and route and adjust them ourselves.

    Techniques Apr 1999
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