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    Summer NAMM '16: Eventide Sculpt

    Multi-band distortion algorithm for the H9 Harmonizer stompbox

    Eventide have unveiled the latest algorithm for their award-winning H9 Harmonizer stompbox at the 2016...

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    Eventide Blackhole plug-in screenshot

    Blackhole in your DAW not your wallet

    Time-limited price reduction on Eventide's creative reverb plug-in

    Eventide have announced a limited-time discount on the purchase of their Blackhole reverb plug-in. While most...

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    Eventide announce SpaceTime for H9 systems

    First H9 algorithm to feature multiple FX — delay, reverb & modulation

    Eventide have announced a new algorithm for their H9 stomp box. One criticism that is often levelled at the H9...

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