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    Heritage Audio Motorcity EQualizer

    Seven-band Inductor EQ

    We check out this painstaking recreation of the rare and coveted Motown equaliser.

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    Roger Mayer Dottore XFM DR1

    Passive Inductor Equaliser

    Many of the best‑loved classic equalisers used a passive inductor‑capacitor (L‑C) circuit, in most...

    Reviews . Aug 2022
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    Minimal Audio Morph EQ expressive designer custom filter macros

    Minimal Audio release Morph EQ

    Custom filter shapes with macro control

    Morph EQ from Minimal Audio allows users to draw custom filter shapes and control them using macros.

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    Millennia NSEQ-HF 500-series equaliser module

    Millennia NSEQ-HF 500-series EQ

    Module features NSEQ-4 high frequency peak/shelf section

    The NSEQ-HF from Millennia Media features the high frequency section from their popular NSEQ-4 equaliser unit. 

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    UAD Spark plug-in subscription Pultec Passive EQ Collection Apple Silicone native

    Pultec EQ Collection joins UAD Spark

    Native Apple Silicon support also added

    Universal Audio have updated their UAD Spark subscription service, adding their Pultec Passive EQ Collection along with native support for M1-based Macs. 

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    Focusrite FAST Balancer AI powered EQ plug-in

    Focusrite FAST Balancer

    AI-powered plug-in applies a custom EQ with a single click

    The latest FAST plug-in from Focusrite used artificial intelligence to EQ sources with a single click.

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    NAMM 2022 - Overloud EQP

    Video report

    We had a look at Overloud's new Pultec emulation, the EQP, at NAMM 2022.

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    NAMM 2022 - Heritage Audio

    Video report

    Heritage Audio were at NAMM 2022, showing their new replicas of Fairchild compressors and a Motown EQ. 

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    NAMM 2022 - Acme Audio Motown EQ

    Video report

    Acme Audio show us their new Motown EQ, a new equaliser based on an original Motown EQ.

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    Mixland Tilt!

    EQ & Saturation Plug-in

    Tilt! is a neat and genuinely useful plug‑in which offers a pair of modelled shelving filters, each with a switchable turnover frequency.

    Reviews Jun 2022
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    Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer

    Analogue EQ With Plug-in Remote Control

    This classy EQ marries vintage tone with the convenience of software control.

    Reviews . Jun 2022
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    STL ControlHub plug-in

    STL Tones release ControlHub

    Amp modelling specialists turn their attention to mixing

    STL Tones have used their amp modelling technology to create a plug-in that emulates entire recording signal chains.

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    Universal Audio UAD Hitsville EQ Collection plug-in

    UA release Hitsville EQ Collection

    Available to both Apollo users and Spark subscribers

    UAD Software v10.1 has been released, bringing with it a new EQ plug-in collection alongside some updates for Mac users.

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    KIT Plugins BB Mo-Q equaliser

    KIT Plugins BB Mo-Q

    Model of Blackbird Studios’ iconic Motown EQ

    KIT Plugins have once again collaborated with Blackbird Studios in Nashville, this time modelling an iconic Motown EQ unit.

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    Acustica Maize parametric equaliser plug-in

    Maize by Acustica Audio

    Rare EQ unit modelled with Acustica’s exclusive technology

    The latest plug-in to join Acustica's Acqua series, Maize models one of only two Markbass PP10 parametric equalisers in the world. 

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    Solid State Logic The Bus+

    Dual-channel VCA Compressor & Dynamic EQ

    A stunning overhaul of SSL’s bus compressor, the Bus+ goes much further than most imitators without sophistication undermining ease of use.

    Reviews May 2022
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    Hazelrigg Industries VLC

    Mic Preamp & EQ

    This versatile input channel gives you the classic sound of tubes, transformers and inductors.

    Reviews . May 2022
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    SSL The Bus+

    The Bus+ from SSL

    Read our exclusive first review!

    New stereo analogue processor offers compression, dynamic EQ & more.

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    Gainlab Audio Empress

    Passive Valve Equaliser

    Hungarian company Gainlab impressed us with their Dictator compressor, so we were looking forward to putting their EQ through its paces.

    Reviews . Apr 2022
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    Sonnox Claro

    EQ Plug-in

    This powerful new EQ plug-in aims to encourage you to make better mix decisions.

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    Eventide SplitEQ

    Transient-shaping Equaliser Plug-in

    An EQ that gives you separate control over the transient and sustain portions could be more useful than you think!

    Reviews Feb 2022


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