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Exciters / Enhancers

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    Techivation M-Clarity dynamic resonance suppressor plug-in clean muddy boxy sounds

    M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

    Tackles 'boxy' and 'muddy' tracks and mixes

    Described as a dynamic resonance suppressor, Techivation's latest plug-in aims to enhance the overall clarity and tonal balance of individual sources or entire mixes using spectral shaping technology.

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    Techivation M-Loudener loudness dynamic range stereo width enhancement plug-in

    Techivation unveil new M-Loudener plug-in

    Increase loudness whilst preserving dynamic range

    M-Loudener aims to provide users with control over their track's perceived loudness and stereo width without sacrificing clarity and dynamic range. 

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    Techivation T-Imager mid-side stereo imaging plug-in

    Techivation launch T-Imager

    Simple and intuitive stereo image control

    T-Imager from Techivation uses a mix of level and filter-based processing to adjust a source's stereo image without introducing any artefacts.

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    Techivation T-Exciter

    Harmonic Enhancement Plug-in

    Techivation have quietly been building an impressive range of plug‑ins which tend to tackle everyday mixing techniques...

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    Techivation T-Exciter exciter stereo width plug-in

    T-Exciter plug-in from Techivation

    Exciter with parallel processing joins Techivation's growing range of intuitive plug-ins

    Techivation's latest plug-in offers enhancement and stereo imaging tools with a simple and intuitive GUI. 

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