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Exciters / Enhancers

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    SPL Channel One Mk3

    Mono Channel Strip

    With a Transient Designer, a de‑esser and an unusually versatile input section, there’s more to SPL’s recording channel than most.

    Reviews May 2024
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    Techivation T-Exciter

    Harmonic Enhancement Plug-in

    Techivation have quietly been building an impressive range of plug‑ins which tend to tackle everyday mixing techniques...

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    JMG Nanopulse

    Transient Enhancer Plug-in

    Marketed by United Plugins, JMG Audio’s Nanopulse is a sophisticated transient enhancer. It applies profiles extracted from a variety of percussive sources to the input signal...

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    FireSonic FireCharger

    Enhancement Plug-in

    Distributed by UnitedPlugins, FireSonic’s FireCharger is another take on the ‘make everything sound a bit better’ concept. It...

    Reviews Feb 2021
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