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    Electro-Harmonix POG Pico

    Polyphonic Octave Generator Pedal

    The Electro‑Harmonix POG has had its essential POGishness condensed into the even smaller Pico‑format enclosure.

    Reviews Jul 2024
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    Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork+

    Dual Pitch-shifter Stompbox

    The original Pitch Fork, reviewed back in SOS June 2015, now has a more grown‑up sibling, the Pitch Fork+.

    Reviews Jun 2021
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    Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork

    Polyphonic Pitch-shifting Guitar Effects Pedal

    Electro-Harmonix have always had a good reputation for their pitch-shift effects. How does their latest one compare?

    Reviews Jun 2015
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