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    Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 5 vocal pitch-correction time-alignment dialogue editing software

    Synchro Arts unveil Revoice Pro 5

    New Shaper tool, SmartPitch feature & more

    Revoice Pro 5 has arrived, promising to deliver the most natural-sounding pitch-correction available along with time-alignment tools, doubling effects, sibilance editing, formant shifting and more. 

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    Baby Audio Transit song transitions risers drops multi-effects plug-in

    Transit plug-in from Baby Audio

    Automate multiple effects modules simultaneously

    Baby Audio's latest plug-in, Transit, has been designed as the ultimate all-in-one toolkit for creating interesting transitions between song sections. 

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    Melodyne Multi FX

    Using Melodyne As A Guitar Processor

    Melodyne can do far more than fix dodgy vocals. It’s also a source of inspirational guitar effects...

    Techniques Oct 2022
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    Synchro Arts RePitch

    Synchro Arts release RePitch

    A brand new vocal tuning plug-in

    The creators say they designed the plug-in to deliver natural-sounding results, a speedy workflow and seamless DAW integration.

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