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    Soundtoys Black Friday Sale 2022 discount plug-in bundle effect rack decapitator echo boy filterfreak

    Soundtoys launch Black Friday Sale

    Lowest ever price for Soundtoys 5 Bundle

    Soundtoys have announced the launch of their Black Friday Sale, offering huge discounts across their entire plug-in range until 28 November 2022.

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    Soundtoys VST3 support update download windows macos apple silicon intel

    Soundtoys VST3 support

    Free update now available

    Soundtoys have announced the availability of Soundtoys 5.3.8, which includes VST3 support for both Windows and macOS platforms. 

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    Soundtoys upgrade sale effect rack bundle

    Soundtoys announce upgrade sale

    50% off of upgrades and trade-ups

    Soundtoys have announced a month-long sale on upgrades and trade-ups that are available to current registered users. 

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