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    Focusrite FAST plug-in bundle discount offer limiter EQ reverb compressor

    Focusrite FAST range offer

    Save 85% on AI-powered plug-ins

    Until 31 August 2023, users are able to save a huge 85% when purchasing Focusrite's FAST Bundle, or any of the individual plug-ins it contains.

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    Focusrite FAST Bundle AI Limiter Equaliser EQ Compressor Reveal space clarity Verb reverb plug-in bundle sale

    Focusrite FAST Bundle currently on sale

    Over 85% discount until 4 May 2023

    The FAST Bundle contains five of the Focusrite’s AI-driven plug-ins, and is currently being offered at a greatly reduced price. 

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    Focusrite Pro Tools Artist LANDR Studio free subscription offer discount

    Focusrite partnership offers

    Pro Tools Artist & LANDR Studio

    Focusrite have announced two exclusive software offers available to registered interface owners through new partnerships with Avid and LANDR.

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    Focusrite FAST Verb

    Reverb Plug-in [Mac & Windows]

    The latest addition to Focusrite’s AI‑powered Collective makes great‑sounding reverbs easy to achieve.

    Reviews Dec 2021
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