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Signal Processors

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    Kemper Profiler Stage: Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    These audio examples accompany our Kemper Profiler Stage review from SOS December 2019.

    Reviews Dec 2019
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    Kemper Profiler Stage

    Floorboard Guitar Amp Emulator

    Kemper finally have a floorboard version of their groundbreaking Profiling Amplifier. Has it been worth the wait?

    Reviews Dec 2019
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    The Kemper Profiler Stage allows the use of the company's amp profiling hardware in a live context, with the new Profiler Remote foot controller.

    Kemper Profiler takes to the stage

    Kemper's amp-profiling technology can now be used in a live context with ease

    The Kemper Profiler can now be used in a live context with ease, thanks to the release of the Kemper Profiler Stage, and the Profiler Remote.

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