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Signal Processors

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    Flux Plug-ins

    Dynamics & EQ Processors For Mac OS & Windows

    Flux claim that their plug–ins combine simplicity and sophistication, thanks to their unusual interface design and novel controls.

    Reviews May 2008
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    Eiosis E2 De-esser

    Sibilant Processing Plug-in [Mac/PC]

    Intrusive sibilants can ruin an otherwise good-sounding vocal track, and conventional de-essers are often of limited use. Can Eiosis's radical new design do any better?

    Reviews Apr 2008
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    Acustica Audio Nebula 3

    Dynamic Convolution Plug-in [Windows]

    Convolution technology has provided new levels of realism for plug-in reverb, but has been unable to capture non-linear or time-variant effects such as compression, tape saturation, distortion and flanging. Until now, that is...

    Reviews Feb 2008
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