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Signal Processors

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    DigiTech CabDryVR

    IR-based Amp/Cabinet Simulator

    We’re used to seeing convolution technology in plug-ins, but recent years have seen this increasingly appearing in hardware form. DigiTech’s take on this is a compact stompbox-format dual-channel cabinet emulator.

    Reviews Dec 2017
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    Digitech Whammy (5th Gen)

    Pitch-shifting Effects Pedal

    The latest version of the Digitech Whammy — the pedal-operated digital pitch-shifter that has been keeping guitarists amused...

    Reviews Apr 2013
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    Digitech Genesis 1

    Modelling Guitar Amp

    The Genesis 1 is a simplified version of the Genesis 3 modelling guitar preamp/effects unit, offering a reduced feature set at a lower price.

    Reviews May 2002
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