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Signal Processors

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    Drawmer 1976

    Stereo 3-band Saturation & Width Processor

    Could this be the ultimate analogue 'vibe box'?

    Reviews Apr 2020
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    Drawmer 1974

    Stereo Four-band Parametric Equaliser

    Drawmer's affordable EQ brings a '70s vibe to your studio.

    Reviews Mar 2020
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    Drawmer 1973

    Three–band FET Compressor

    It’s not easy to create an analogue multi–band compressor that competes on quality and price, but Drawmer show us it can be done.

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    Drawmer Three-Sum

    Band-splitting Processor

    This intriguing new unit from Drawmer lets you split a stereo signal into three bands and then process each band with a different piece of outboard.

    Reviews Jan 2006
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    Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition

    Valve Compressor

    This new 1U rack from Drawmer offers their best-sounding compression yet.

    Reviews Dec 2004
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    Drawmer Tube Station TS1

    Tube Preamp & Compressor

    A compressor and front end combining pedigree Drawmer performance with ease of use.

    Reviews Oct 2002
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    Drawmer DF330

    Universal Noise Filter

    We test this two-channel analogue dynamic noise filter, expander and HF enhancer.

    Reviews Apr 2002
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