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Signal Processors

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    Lexicon LXP Native Reverb

    Reverb Plug-in Suite

    Lexicons flagship PCM Native Reverb bundle is highly desirable, but also costly. The cut-down LXP Native Reverb offers a more affordable, yet still powerful, alternative.

    Reviews Nov 2010
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    Lexicon PCM Native Reverb

    Reverb Plug-ins [Mac & PC]

    Until now, the biggest name in reverb came attached only to rackmount hardware. Finally, however, Lexicon have made their celebrated rooms, halls and plates available in plug-in format.

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    Lexicon MX400/400XL

    Multi-Effects Processor

    Lexicon's MX200 offered the innovative ability to integrate with a sequencer host just like an effects plug-in. The updated MX400 goes one better - it does all that, but with dual effects-processing engines too.

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Lexicon MPX550

    Dual-channel Effects Processor

    Lexicon update their MPX500 with more editing parameters, extra mastering processes, and more user patches.

    Reviews Jan 2003
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