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Signal Processors

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    IGS Audio Zen

    Dual-channel Zener Compressor/Limiter

    Diode‑based compressors can be delightful but also rather noisy. True to its name, the Zen promises a more peaceful approach...

    Reviews . Jul 2022
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    IGS Audio S-Type 500 VU

    VCA Bus Compressor

    We put this versatile homage to the classic British bus compressor through its paces.

    Reviews Feb 2019
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    IGS Audio 576 Blue Stripe

    FET Compressor For 500-series

    This stylish module brings the ‘blue stripe’ revision of the UREI 1176 to the 500 series.

    Reviews Mar 2017
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    IGS Audio Springtime

    Four-channel Spring Reverb

    We get hands-on with the most unusual device yet to spring forth from the IGS workshop.

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    IGS Audio Tubecore 3U

    Vari–mu Mastering Compressor

    Polish company IGS Audio’s Tubecore is back, with more facilities and more options. What’s not to like?

    Reviews Apr 2016
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    IGS Audio RB 500 ME

    Stereo Mastering Equaliser

    With so many different interpretations of the venerable PulTec EQP-1A now available, how does this one stand out from the crowd?

    Reviews Sep 2015
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    IGS Audio Panzer 500

    Modular Outboard System

    Never have there been so many ways to get into the 500-series format. Does this system have anything different to offer?

    Reviews Nov 2013
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    IGS Audio Tubecore ME

    Stereo Vari-mu Compressor

    Well known in their native Poland, IGS Audio are now making their products available in the UK. How do they fare against the competition?

    Reviews May 2012
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