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Signal Processors

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    Dub Machines - Analogue Echoes in Live

    New Pack of Max for Live delay effects from Surreal Machines

    From new company Surreal Machines - co-founded by Ableton’s Matt Jackson and collaborator Pete Dowling - Dub Machines...

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    ART Auto‑Tune Pre

    Mic Preamp With Pitch Correction

    This combination of preamp and Auto‑Tune processor could be just the thing for adding a radio‑friendly sheen to your live performances.

    Reviews May 2014
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    Overstayer Saturator NT 02A

    Analogue Saturation Processor

    This unassuming processor reminds us how much fun can be had playing with distortion and filters!

    Reviews May 2014
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    Warm Audio WA76

    Mono FET Compressor

    This is far from being the first clone of a UREI 1176 FET compressor, but it's probably the cheapest to have hit the production lines. Is any of the classic sound sacrificed in Warm's cost-cutting quest?

    Reviews May 2014
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