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Signal Processors

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    McDSP Moo X & APB-8

    Hybrid Processing System

    McDSP's software-configured analogue processing system now has new hardware and software options — and support for more DAWs.

    Reviews Jul 2020
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    McDSP announce APB-8 & Moo X mixer

    DAW-controlled processor range expands

    McDSP’s groundbreaking APB-16 — a plug-in controlled, programmable analogue processor — has just gained a sibling.

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    McDSP APB-16

    Analogue Plug-in Co-processor For Pro Tools

    McDSP's revolutionary APB‑16 promises to combine the sound of analogue compression with the convenience of plug-ins. Is it all too good to be true?

    Reviews Nov 2019
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    McDSP's first hardware product, the APB-16b processor, is now shipping.

    McDSP go green with APB-16

    Renowned software company celebrates release of first ever hardware processor

    McDSP’s first ever piece of processing hardware, the APB-16 analogue plug-in processor, was first shown...

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    McDSP's all-new, all-analogue processor, the APB-16.

    McDSP at NAMM 2019

    Digital manufacturer announces all-analogue processor & 6060 plug-in collection

    A digital manufacturer announces an all-analogue 16-channel processor? What's going on?

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    McDSP release 6034 Ultimate Multi-band

    Multi-band dynamics processor plug-in now shipping

    The 6034 Ultimate Multi-band is a flexible multi-band dynamics processor, offering all the award-winning...

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    McDSP SA2 Dialog Processor

    Formats: Mac & PC AAX Native, AAX DSP, VST; Mac AU

    McDSP’s SA2 Dialog Processor is based on hardware originally conceived by Academy Award winning re-recording mixer Mike Minkler...

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    McDSP DE555 & FutzBox

    Emerald Pack Plug-ins [Mac / PC]

    McDSPs Emerald Pack is one of the most desirable plug-in collections out there. Two new processors extend its capabilities still further...

    Reviews May 2009
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    McDSP Project Studio Bundle

    Native Plug-in Bundle For Pro Tools

    McDSP's Project Studio Bundle provides an affordable way for Pro Tools users to get their hands on versions of all the company's acclaimed effects and processors.

    Reviews Mar 2007
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