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Signal Processors

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    CEntrance The English Channel

    Modular Recording Channel

    This compact, versatile channel strip boasts SD card recording, USB audio interfacing and mix‑minus phone integration.

    Reviews Mar 2024
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    Elk Live

    Remote Collaboration Service

    With their clever audio networking technology, Elk Audio aim to make low‑latency, long‑distance collaboration a reality.

    Reviews Jul 2023
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    DOCtron IMC

    Stereo EQ & VCA Compressor

    Billed as an instant mastering device for on‑stage use, the DOCtron IMC could well be an entirely new class of audio processor.

    Reviews Feb 2023
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    Freqport Freqtube FT-1

    Plug-in Valve Processor

    Freqport’s innovative desktop box makes adding valve warmth to your DAW mixes as easy as loading a plug‑in.

    Reviews Feb 2023
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    Golden Age Premier Pre-73 Jr & EQ-73

    Microphone Preamplifier & Equaliser

    Golden Age’s new Premier series of Neve‑inspired devices get even closer to the real thing.

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    Roger Mayer Dottore XFM DR1

    Passive Inductor Equaliser

    Many of the best‑loved classic equalisers used a passive inductor‑capacitor (L‑C) circuit, in most...

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    Echo Fix EF-X2

    Analogue Tape Echo Unit

    Could this modern tape delay prove to be even better than the real thing?

    Reviews Jul 2022
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    Boss RC-505 MkII

    Desktop Loop Processor

    Boss’s best‑in‑class looper just got even better.

    Reviews Jun 2022
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    Enjoy Electronics Reminder

    Digital Delay Effect

    Enjoy Electronics combine past and present in this intriguing quadraphonic digital delay.

    Reviews May 2022
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    Empress Effects ZOIA

    Modular Digital Synth & Effects Pedal

    Empress’ compact, powerful and versatile ZOIA is part multi‑effects unit, part modular synthesizer...

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    Little Labs LL2A


    Ever wondered what a ‘four‑quadrant analogue multiplier compressor’ might sound like? Neither had we — but it turns out to be something a bit special!

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    MOD Devices MOD Duo X

    Hardware Plug-in Host & Controller

    Now you can rock the MOD on your desktop!

    Reviews Jan 2021
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    Radial HDI

    DI Box & Distortion Processor

    This studio DI box goes further than most, adding character to a range of sources.

    Reviews Aug 2020
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    Two Notes Torpedo Captor X

    Guitar Amp Dummy Load & Speaker Simulator

    Reactive load boxes that also offer top-quality speaker simulation have been seriously expensive — until now...

    Reviews Aug 2020
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    Audiothingies Doctor A

    Reverb & Delay Processor With MIDI & CV Inputs

    If you're seeking a performance-friendly effects processor with a top-notch signal path, this might be just what the doctor ordered...

    Reviews Apr 2020
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    SIM1 XT-1

    Guitar Tone Imprinting Processor

    Ever wished you could play your Tele but hear your Les Paul? This clever box of tricks makes that possible...

    Reviews Mar 2020
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    Boss Tube Amp Expander

    Reactive Load & Speaker Simulator

    Widely touted as Boss's response to UA's popular OX, the Tube Amp Expander actually offers a contrasting approach. Will one of them be a clear winner?

    Reviews Sep 2019
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    Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact

    Effects Processor

    The Filterbank's status as an analogue sound mangler is legendary. Can this smaller variant keep it relevant in the modern world?

    Reviews Aug 2019
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    Universal Audio OX

    Guitar Speaker Emulation System

    Don’t have a great-sounding room? Can’t turn your amp up to get the sounds you want? Want to turn down your speaker without sacrificing your tube amp’s tonality? Maybe this changes everything...

    Reviews Sep 2018
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    TL Audio Fat Man Fat 2

    Valve Preamp & Compressor

    TL Audio's successful Fat 1 stereo compressor now has a new sibling with its own built-in mic preamp. Paul White delivers the SOS verdict.

    Reviews Sep 2001
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    ART Tube PAC & Tube EQ

    Preamp/Compressor & EQ

    We test ART's two compact tube processors to see if they sound bigger than they look.

    Reviews Aug 1998


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