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Signal Processors

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    Electro-Harmonix Canyon

    Delay & Looper Pedal

    Electro-Harmonix’s Canyon is a delay/looper, but it goes the extra mile, packing a wide repertoire of delay effects into its compact pedal format.

    Reviews Aug 2017
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    Radial Regency

    Pre-Drive Boost & Drive Pedal

    Rather than offer a straightforward overdrive pedal, the Regency Pre-Drive combines a clean signal level booster with a separate, more restrained drive section.

    Reviews May 2017
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    Boss CP-1X

    'Waza Craft' Compressor Pedal

    The CP-1X is no typical guitar compressor pedal. It employs Boss’s proprietary Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology, which analyses various aspects of the incoming signal in real time and then responds by optimising the digital processing for the source.

    Reviews Apr 2017
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    Origin Effects Cali76 Compact & Compact Deluxe

    Compressor Pedals

    The Cali76 puts the sound and feel of a Urei 1176 into a guitar pedal, providing epic compression and sustain with studio-like transparency and low noise.

    Reviews Nov 2016
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    Origin Effects SlideRig Compact & Compact Deluxe

    Dual-stage Compressor Pedals

    The Origin Effects SlideRig is a unique compressor pedal designed primarily for electric slide guitarists. 

    Reviews Oct 2016
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    PandaMIDI Future Impact I

    Bass Guitar Processor & MIDI Synthesizer Pedal

    Designed by PandaMIDI in Hungary and inspired by the long-discontinued Akai Deep Impact, this unit adds a useful range of extra features.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    TC Electronic HyperGravity

    Multi-band Compressor Pedal

    TC’s HyperGravity compressor pedal is unapologetically digital and is based on the algorithms developed for TC’s high-end System 6000 platform.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    Strymon Dig | Media

    Dual-channel Digital Delay

    Audio files to accompany the article.

    Reviews Jan 2016
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    Strymon Dig

    Dual-channel Digital Delay

    Not all digital delay pedals strike the right balance between convenience and quality. How does this one fare?

    Reviews Jan 2016
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    Nemphasis X7

    Tube Overdrive Pedal

    While an overdrive pedal might not seem like an obvious studio accessory I’ve often found that using an analogue overdrive pedal before a software modelling amp/speaker produces more musical results.

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork

    Polyphonic Pitch-shifting Guitar Effects Pedal

    Electro-Harmonix have always had a good reputation for their pitch-shift effects. How does their latest one compare?

    Reviews Jun 2015
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    TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo

    Stereo/Mono Delay Pedal

    Does this take on delay-pedal history merit a place in your pedalboard’s future?

    Reviews Feb 2015
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    Korg SDD-3000 Pedal

    Digital Delay Processor

    A modern stompbox take on a classic digital delay unit — what’s not to like?

    Reviews Oct 2014
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    Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi

    Distortion Pedal

    Tech 21's Hot Rod Plexi claims to replicate the classic tone and feel of a vintage Marshall amp in pedal form. Does it deliver, or is it really just another overdrive pedal?

    Reviews Jul 2014
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    Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor Pedal

    Compression is an often under-rated weapon in the electric guitarist's arsenal.

    Reviews Aug 2013
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    Tech 21 Roto Choir effects pedal.

    Tech 21 Roto Choir

    Leslie Cabinet Simulator Pedal

    The uniquely complex, spacious swirl of a real, mechanical Leslie rotary-speaker cabinet sound in a pedal!

    Reviews Aug 2013
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    Digitech Whammy (5th Gen)

    Pitch-shifting Effects Pedal

    The latest version of the Digitech Whammy — the pedal-operated digital pitch-shifter that has been keeping guitarists amused...

    Reviews Apr 2013
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    Morpheus Bomber

    Polyphonic Pitch‑shift Pedal

    It's perfectly possible to use a tremolo arm to make the pitch of your guitar strings drop in real time, and guitarists have...

    Reviews Jun 2012
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    R3FX Cabinet Simulator

    Guitar Effect Pedal

    R3FX are a one‑man guitar‑effects outfit based in the US, and they offer a range of pedal mods by mail order, as well as a ...

    Reviews Jun 2012
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    Eventide ModFactor & PitchFactor

    Effects Pedals

    These flexible effects pedals from the makers of the original Harmonizer are equally at home on stage and in the studio, with guitar, keys or even a mixing desk.

    Reviews Oct 2009
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    JoeMeek Floor Q

    Compressor Pedal

    We check out this traditional JoeMeek compressor in pedal format, for use with guitars, basses and other instruments.

    Reviews Sep 2009


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