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Signal Processors

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    Waves OVox

    Vocal Effects Plug-in

    Waves' new plug–in is more than just a vocoder...

    Reviews May 2020
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    NAMM 2020 — Waves Distortion Collection

    Five Plug-ins

    Abbey Road Saturation, Berzerk, MDMX Fuzz, MDMX Overdrive & MDMX Screamer.

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    NAMM 2020 — Waves Ovox

    Real-Time Vocal ReSynthesis

    Voice-controlled synth and vocal FX processor with Real-Time Vocal ReSynthesis‎

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    Waves Submarine

    Subharmonics Generator Plug-in

    Submarine's role in life is to add natural-sounding sub-bass content by generating frequencies that are one octave and two octaves lower than the input signal.

    Reviews Oct 2019
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    Waves' new Abbey Road Studio 3 plug-in (compare the GUI to the real thing, pictured near the end of this item!).

    New from Waves: Abbey Road Studio 3

    The sound of the famous control room at your fingertips for $199?

    Can you really have the sound of one of the world's finest monitoring environments in your DAW for just $199?

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    Waves gets kitted out at NAMM

    New virtual instruments and plug-ins on sale now!

    Virtual instrument and software manufacturers Waves introduced plenty of new products at NAMM. Now includes video of Sibilance from the show floor!

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    Waves launch SoundGrid Mobile Server at AES (Video)

    Compact desktop DSP box designed for small live shows

    The Waves SoundGrid Mobile Server is an external DSP system designed to let you offload processing for...

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    Waves Scheps Omni Channel

    Channel Strip Plug-in

    Waves’ latest signature plug-in distils the accumulated wisdom of a master engineer into a powerful channel strip.

    Reviews Jul 2018
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    NAMM 2018: Waves Scheps Omni Channel

    Flexible channel strip designed by Andrew Scheps demoed at NAMM

    Only yesterday, Waves Audio announced the Scheps Omni Channel plug-in. Designed with Grammy-winning mixer...

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    Waves Torque

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX; Mac AU; Waves SoundGrid

    Torque lets you retune a drum that’s already been recorded, but without introducing the artifacts that simple pitch-shifting always seems to throw up.

    Reviews Jan 2018
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    Waves F6 is a surgical dynamic EQ for only $29

    Plug-in giant releases EQ with per-band compression/expansion

    The Waves F6 is a surgical dynamic equaliser with six floating, fully-adjustable parametric filter bands, advanced EQ and compression/expansion controls per band, mid-side processing options and more.

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    Waves Tune Real-Time

    Pitch-correction Plug-in

    Is it really possible to carry out studio-quality pitch-correction in real time? Waves think so...

    Reviews Mar 2017
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    Waves Nx

    Virtual Mix Room Software & Head Tracker

    Room simulation on headphones usually stops being convincing as soon as you move your head. Not so with Waves’ new Nx...

    Reviews Jan 2017
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    Waves Infected Mushroom Pusher

    Formats: Mac OS & Windows VST & AAX; Mac AU

    Infected Mushroom isn’t some kind of embarrassing and painful ailment, but rather a ‘make it all sound bigger’ plug-in...

    Reviews Dec 2016
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    Waves Scheps Parallel Particles

    Formats: Mac OS & Windows VST & AAX; Mac AU

    Developed in collaboration with top mixing engineer Andrew Scheps, Waves' Scheps Parallel Particles plug-in is probably the closest you’ll get to a ‘more of everything’ processor.

    Reviews Nov 2016
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    Waves Greg Wells Plug-ins

    Mix Bus, Piano & Vocal Processing Plug-ins [Mac OS/Windows]

    A trio of easy-to-use plug-ins from Waves aims to bottle the signature sounds of pop producer Greg Wells.

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Waves OneKnob

    Plug‑in Bundle

    Effects and processors don’t get much more simple than Waves’ new OneKnob range. But is this a case of one knob to rule them all, or are these plug‑ins simply nobbled?

    Reviews Jun 2011
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    Waves CLA Artist Signature Collection

    Plug-in Suite

    Not all of us can afford to have our tracks mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. But Waves' latest plug-in bundle might just be the next best thing...

    Reviews Feb 2011
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    Waves Kramer HLS & PIE

    EQ & Dynamics Plug-ins

    Eddie Kramer is a producer and engineer who knows a thing or two about rock 'n' roll, so when he gives his name to plug-ins modelled after his favourite hardware, we expect great things...

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    Waves Vocal Rider

    Vocal Levelling Plug-in [Mac OS/Windows]

    No matter how many compressors we own, when it comes to getting vocal levels right, theres no substitute for faders and hard work. Until now...

    Reviews Jan 2010


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