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Signal Processors

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    Arturia FX Collection 4 creative producing mixing mastering plug-in effect bundle

    Arturia release FX Collection 4

    Bundle gains four new effects plug-ins

    The latest version of FX Collection adds four new effects plug-ins as well as introducing some new features and improvements to the existing line-up. 

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    Arturia Rev LX-24 Lexicon 244 Digital Reverb emulation plug-in vintage studio hardware effect

    Arturia launch Rev LX-24 reverb plug-in

    Emulates and expands on the classic Lexicon 244

    Arturia's Lexicon 244 recreation offers realistic emulations of the original device's algorithms, but also increases its versatility through the addition of some more modern features. 

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    Arturia Winter Sale discount individual instruments effects sound banks

    Arturia Winter Sale

    Live now until 2 March 2023

    Arturia's Winter Sale is now live, with savings of 50% available across their range of individual software instruments, effects, and preset packs.

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    Arturia Filter MS-20 free distortion plug-in Korg analogue synthesizer emulation model

    Free MS-20 Filter from Arturia

    New plug-in is free until 2 January 2023

    Arturia have announced the release of a new filter and distortion plug-in, and are currently offering it for free for a limited time to celebrate the holiday season. 

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    Arturia Dist Coldfire

    Distortion Plug-in

    Arturia’s new distortion processor is good for much more than just a bit of dirt and fuzz!

    Reviews Nov 2022
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    Arturia Dist COLDFIRE dual modulated distortion plug-in

    Arturia release Dist COLDFIRE

    Versatile plug-in offers a wide range of distortion effects

    Arturia's latest release is a dual-engine distortion plug-in packed with modulation and customisation features. 

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    Arturia Efx Fragments plug-in.

    Arturia Efx Fragments

    Granular Effects Plug-in

    Efx Fragments is a granular effects processor that can create effects ranging from obvious glitchiness to ethereal ambiences.

    Reviews May 2022
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    Arturia Modulations

    Modulation Plug-ins

    Arturia add some helpful extras to their plug-in models of three classic analogue modulation effects.

    Reviews Dec 2020
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    Arturia FX Collection

    DAW Plug-in Bundle

    Could these original effects and enhanced classics be the perfect addition to your DAW?

    Reviews May 2020
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    Arturia 3 Delays You'll Actually Use

    Delay Plug-ins

    Arturia turn their attention to delays, offering us three software options: one an original design, and two modelled on classic hardware.

    Reviews Dec 2019
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    Arturia Three Filters

    Formats: Mac & PC VST & AAX, Mac AU

    Billed as “three filters you’ll actually use”, Arturia’s plug‑in trilogy is modelled on the filter sections found in three...

    Reviews Sep 2018
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    Arturia release free Minimoog-style filter plug-in

    Intro deal on standalone Mini V filter plug-in

    In the spirit of giving, this holiday season Arturia will be releasing a free, standalone version of the...

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