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Signal Processors

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    Acustica Audio Cherry mastering EQ plug-in Hyper analogue sampling

    Acustica Cherry mastering EQ plug-in

    Company's first EQ using Hyper technology

    Cherry is a new EQ plug-in aimed at mastering applications, and has been created based on samples taken from a pair of popular hardware devices.

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    Acustica Audio Sunray suite

    Acustica release Sunray plug-in suite

    Emulates vintage American tube technology

    Acustica have designed the Sunray plug-ins to faithfully recreate vintage American vacuum tube technology.

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    Acustica Cloud Lava microphone modelling emulation online remote processing public beta

    Acustica Cloud public beta

    Company’s Lava mic modelling goes cloud-based

    Users are being invited to test out a new service which allows batches of audio files to be processed remotely with Acustica's Lava microphone modelling technology.

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    Acustica Audio Frost channel strip plug-in dynamic EQ preamp saturation compression

    Acustica reveal Frost channel strip

    Channel strip plug-in features dynamic EQ mode

    Acustica Audio's latest channel strip plug-in offers a combination of saturation, EQ, and compression, and allows users to combine sections to provide dynamic EQ facilities. 

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    Acustica Audio Arctic free mix bus processor compressor limiter saturation plug-in VST3 AU AAX

    Acustica unveil free Arctic plug-in

    Morph control blends between three types of processing

    Acustica Audio have released Arctic, a free mix bus processing plug-in which combines compression, limiting and saturation.

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    Acustica Audio Silver Volumes M N Yamaha SPX900 Klark-Teknik  DN 780 emulations

    Acustica release Silver Volumes N & M

    Two new emulations for Silver plug-in

    Acustica Audio have announced the release of two new volumes for their Silver reverb plug-in which contain a total of 36 new emulations.

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    Acustica Erin mastering plug-in suite compressor limiter EQ hyper engine

    Acustica update Erin plug-in suite

    New compressors powered by Hyper engine

    Two new processors have been added to Acustica's Erin mastering suite, both of which utilise the company's new Hyper compression technology. 

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    Acustica Audio Jet Volume C

    Acustica Audio launch Jet Volume C

    An expansion for the Jet dynamic EQ suite

    Jet Volume C enhances Jet with four EQ models derived from some of Acustica’s most popular plug-in suites.

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    Acustica Audio Tan 2 free VCA compressor plug-in VST AAX AU

    Acustica Tan 2 - Free compressor plug-in

    VCA compressor introduces oversampling and GUI improvements

    Acustica Audio have announced the release of Tan 2, which introduces a new and improved set of features to their free VCA compressor plug-in. 

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    Acustica Audio Rust - Motor EQ vintage Motown fixed band passive equaliser plug-in emulation

    Rust - Motor EQ from Acustica Audio

    Vintage fixed band EQ gains some modern features

    Acustica Audio's latest Acqua plug-in models an ultra-rare passive equaliser built by Motown engineers in the 1960s.

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    Acustica Audio Graphite bass amp simulator plug-in GR Bass One

    Acustica Audio Graphite bass amp simulator

    Company's first Acqua plug-in dedicated to bassists

    Acustica Audio's Graphite plug-in emulates a GR Bass One head and AT 212 cabinet using their Acqua sampling technology.

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    Acustica Maize parametric equaliser plug-in

    Maize by Acustica Audio

    Rare EQ unit modelled with Acustica’s exclusive technology

    The latest plug-in to join Acustica's Acqua series, Maize models one of only two Markbass PP10 parametric equalisers in the world. 

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    Acustica Audio Silver

    Reverb Plug-in

    The masters of convolution have finally produced a reverb, but it’s far from being a straightforward convolution reverb.

    Reviews Jan 2022
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    Acustica Audio Gainstation

    Distortion Plug-in

    The kings of dynamic convolution take on producer Mike Dean’s signal chain.

    Reviews Mar 2021
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    Acustica Audio Taupe

    Channel Strip Plug-in With Tape Simulation

    Acustica Audio have applied their unique sampling technology to the world of magnetic recording media — with impressive results.

    Reviews Mar 2019
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    Acustica Audio Pink2 & Ruby

    EQ & Dynamics Plug-ins

    Acustica’s non-linear convolution technology is constantly evolving, and two new plug-in suites provide a dazzling showcase for their latest Core12 engine.

    Reviews Jul 2018
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    Acustica Audio Diamond Color-EQ

    Equaliser Plug-in

    The first plug-in from Acustica’s new Diamond range recreates the master bus EQ of a master!

    Reviews Jul 2017
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    Acustica Audio White

    Equaliser Plug-in

    Acustica Audio’s new Acqua series of plug-ins are painstakingly ‘sampled’ from high-end hardware. Does the end justify the means?

    Reviews Jul 2016
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    Acustica Audio Nebula 3

    Dynamic Convolution Plug-in [Windows]

    Convolution technology has provided new levels of realism for plug-in reverb, but has been unable to capture non-linear or time-variant effects such as compression, tape saturation, distortion and flanging. Until now, that is...

    Reviews Feb 2008
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