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Signal Processors

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    iZotope Neoverb

    Reverberation Plug-in

    Your virtual assistant is here to help you find the perfect reverb...

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced

    Plug-in Suite For Mixing & Mastering

    iZotope's AI-based plug-in suite grows ever more intelligent with the addition of an automated mix-balancing tool.

    Reviews Sep 2019
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    iZotope Nectar 3 to ship with Melodyne 4 essential

    Could this be the ultimate vocal production bundle?

    Nectar 3 from iZotope promises to provide pretty much all you need for processing and mixing vocals so...

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    iZotope VocalSynth 2

    Vocal Processing Plug-in

    iZotope’s one-stop shop for processed vocal sounds has acquired a few new aisles!

    Reviews Oct 2018
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    iZotope tease new features of RX7

    Audio repair stalwarts aim to fix the unfixable 

    iZotope's RX audio repair software has earned a special place in the heart of many sound professionals...

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    iZotope launch flash sale on creative plug-ins

    Savings of up to 80% (Aug 31-Sep 05)

    Time & Space and iZotope are inviting you to get creative this Labour Day weekend and make the most of some of the lowest ever prices on iZotope's top creative software. With Iris 2, Stutter Edit, Breaktweaker and Trash2 all costing only £43 / €49 each!

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    Save 77% on iZotope RX Elements this weekend

    Offer ends Monday 27th

    This weekend iZotope are giving you the chance to save a colossal 77% off the Elements version of their critically acclaimed audio repair software RX 6.

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    iZotope Neutron 2 & Ozone 8

    Mixing & Mastering Plug-ins

    The latest versions of iZotope’s Ozone and Neutron are not only more intelligent than their predecessors, they can also communicate with one another.

    Reviews May 2018
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    iZotope release Ozone 8 and Neutron 2

    Plug-ins interact with eachother giving greater oversight of your music

    Boston-based DSP experts iZotope have unveiled the next step in their mixing and mastering processor...

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    iZotope launch Mixing & Mastering effects plug-ins sale

    Save up to 70% on powerful production software

    iZotope are highly regarded for their audio production tools and their software for mixing and mastering...

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    iZotope RX6

    Restoration Software [Mac OS X/Windows]

    Whether you’re a professional working in post-production or a humble home studio user, there’s a version of iZotope’s RX restoration software to suit you.

    Reviews Aug 2017
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    iZotope release Neutron Elements       

    Simplified, more affordable version of award-winning mixing plug-in out now

    Last year, iZotope released their critically acclaimed mixing plugin, Neutron. We were impressed with its...

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    iZotope Neutron

    Multiband Dynamics & EQ Plug-in

    iZotope say that Neutron not only has the processing power to address all sorts of mixing issues, but the intelligence to help you identify them.

    Reviews Jan 2017
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    iZotope's Neutron analyses mix, suggests improvements

    Track Assistant cleans up mix & highlights frequency collisions

    iZotope’s new plug-in, Neutron, is designed to enhance your mixing process but what makes it unusual is...

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    iZotope Moebius Filter.

    iZotope Möbius Filter

    Formats: Mac & PC VST, RTAS & AAX; Mac AU

    This inexpensive and conceptually simple plug-in, compatible with all iZotope’s usual Mac/PC formats, applies the principles of the Shepard Tone to filtering.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    iZotope Ozone 7

    Mastering Suite For Mac OS & Windows

    Version 7 of iZotope’s mastering package adds cutting-edge codec monitoring features as well as vintage-themed processors.

    Reviews Feb 2016
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    iZotope Trash

    Distortion Modeller For Windows PCs

    There's already a decent range of products providing digital emulations of vintage guitar amps, but iZotope's Direct X plug-in goes a lot further, offering no fewer than seven processing modules, and is intended to model every kind of distortion you'll ever need.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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