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Signal Processors

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    The Looperboard, Headrush's follow-up to the Pedalboard and Gigboard.

    Headrush go to ground with Looperboard

    Feature-rich floorboard-format looper incorporates backing track playback, effects and audio interface

    The Looperboard is Headrush's follow-up to the Pedalboard and Gigboard and is a floorboard performance looper incorporating effects and a USB interface.

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    Headrush Gigboard

    Amp Simulator & Effects Processor

    The Gigboard crams the processing power of Headrush's flagship Pedalboard into a compact and easy to use format.

    Reviews Feb 2019
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    HeadRush release compact Gigboard guitar FX box

    The Pedalboard brain gets squeezed into a smaller, more portable box

    Guitar tech newcomers HeadRush turned, er, heads with their Pedalboard early last year, an all-in-one amp...

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    HeadRush Pedalboard

    Modelling Guitar Processor

    Building on Avid’s Eleven Rack technology, this new hardware amp modeller promises to combine great sound with ease of use.

    Reviews Sep 2017
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