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Signal Processors

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    SPL Kultube

    Stereo Compressor

    SPL's new surround-ready stereo compressor offers clever programme-adaptive compression, as well as decompression and tube-saturation functions.

    Reviews Feb 2002
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    Line 6 Echo Pro

    Modelling Effects Processor

    Line 6's acclaimed Delay Modeler pedal gets a rackmount makeover.

    Reviews Feb 2002
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    Big Briar Moogerfoogers

    Pedal-based Voltage-controlled Processing System

    Since 1999, Bob Moog's Big Briar company has been making analogue filters and effects pedals based on his original Moog module designs. Now there's a central control unit, so that you can use them all together as a complete processing system.

    Reviews Feb 2002
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    Samson S•Com & S•Com Plus

    Dual-channel Dynamics Processors

    Samson's latest dynamics processors deliver quality sound and features that belie their affordable price tag.

    Reviews Jan 2002
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    Antares AMM1

    Microphone Modeller Processor

    We check out the new hardware incarnation of Antares' award-winning microphone-modelling software.

    Reviews Apr 2001
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    Thermionic Culture Phoenix

    Valve Compressor

    The Phoenix all-valve compressor is a high flyer when it comes to quality and price. Will it help Thermionic Culture feather their nest?

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    TL Audio EQ2

    Parametric Valve Equaliser

    Paul White tries out TLA's combination of front end and parametric equaliser.

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

    Psychoacoustic Enhancer

    The latest incarnation of SPL's enigmatic Vitalizer offers a mixture of the qualities of other models in the range — but does it have anything new to offer?

    Reviews Apr 1999
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    Line 6 Pod

    Physical Modelling Guitar Preamp

    Can this intriguing little box really emulate the recorded sound of many of the world's greatest guitar amplifiers?

    Reviews Feb 1999
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    SPL Qure

    Parametric Equaliser

    We get down to some serious equalising with SPL's most Qurious product to date.

    Reviews Jan 1999


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