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Signal Processors

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    TL Audio Ebony Series

    Valve Processors

    You can have TL Audio's new series of vintage-styled valve devices in any colour you like — as long as it's black!

    Reviews Jul 2008
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    Q. What's the difference between filtering and EQ?

    Is there any fundamental difference between filtering and EQ? The filtering I'm particularly interested in is linear-phase...

    Sound Advice Jan 2005
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    Q. How do I compress a stereo source?

    I am recording using a spaced-pair miking setup and I want to apply light compression to the signal. Where in the signal chain should I insert the compressor (pre- or post-fade), and will I have to buy a dedicated stereo compressor to do the job properly?

    Sound Advice Oct 2004
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    TL Audio Ivory 2 5060

    Valve Compressor

    This new Ivory-series preamp and compressor combines the ease of presets with the flexibility of manual operation.

    Reviews Sep 2004
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    TL Audio Fat Man Fat 2

    Valve Preamp & Compressor

    TL Audio's successful Fat 1 stereo compressor now has a new sibling with its own built-in mic preamp. Paul White delivers the SOS verdict.

    Reviews Sep 2001
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    TL Audio Fat Man Fat 1

    Stereo Valve Compressor

    Paul White changes his manual-gearbox compressor for an automatic model to see whether performance or economy suffer.

    Reviews Jun 2000
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    TL Audio EQ2 front-end with parametric EQ.

    TL Audio EQ2

    Parametric Valve Equaliser

    Paul White tries out TLA's combination of front end and parametric equaliser.

    Reviews Apr 2000
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    TL Audio C1

    Valve Compressor

    TL Audio have gained an enviable reputation for high-quality processors. Hugh Robjohns takes a look at the latest addition to their Classic range.

    Reviews Mar 1999
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    TL Audio Ivory C5021

    2-channel Valve Compressor

    Paul White finds the best of both valve and solid state worlds in TL Audio's latest compressor.

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    TL Audio Ivory

    Parametric Equaliser

    Paul White lends an ear to TLA's latest parametric EQ, the 5013, an attractively-priced valve/solid state design that keeps up the tradition of delivering quality without the cost.

    Reviews Jun 1998
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    TL Audio 2031

    Indigo Valve Overdrive

    Paul White goes into overdrive with TLA's latest valve processor — the 02031.

    Reviews Dec 1997
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    TL Audio Crimson 3013

    Parametric Equaliser

    Paul White raises the tone of his studio by plugging in TL Audio's latest Crimson series parametric EQ.

    Reviews Aug 1997
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    TL Audio Crimson C3021

    Tube Compressor

    Paul White studio tests the Crimson C3021 to see how favourably it compares with its indigo counterparts.

    Reviews Mar 1997
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    TL Audio Crimson 3011 & 3012

    4-band & Parametric EQs

    Do TL Audio's designs stand up without valves, or is it a case of tubeless tires? Paul White endeavours to find out.

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    TL Audio Indigo VP2051 & PA2001

    Valve Voice Processor & Valve Preamp

    The TL Audio Indigo range keeps on expanding, with cost-effective hybrid valve/solid state processors emerging for every studio purpose. Paul White discovers that Indigo can be a very warm colour...

    Reviews Nov 1996
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    TL Audio C2021

    Indigo Tube Compressor

    Paul White checks out the latest addition to TL Audio's new Indigo range.

    Reviews Sep 1996
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    TL Audio 2011 & 2012 Indigo Range

    Valve Equalisers

    Paul White casts a critical ear over TL Audio's new budget dual-channel valve equalisers to see if high quality really is possible at such a relatively low price.

    Reviews Aug 1996
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    TL Audio VI-1

    Valve Interface

    Paul White checks out a signal processor with no knobs, no buttons and no display, designed to add valve warmth to 8-track recording.

    Reviews Mar 1996
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