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Signal Processors

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    Black Rooster Audio Omnitec-436C Altec 436C vintage Vari-Mu analogue valve compressor plug-in

    Omnitech-436C compressor plug-in by Black Rooster Audio

    Recreates and expands upon the Altec 436C

    Omnitech-436C has been modelled on Altec's 436C Vari-Mu valve compressor, but also includes some helpful modern side-chain and stereo linking features. 

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    Black Rooster Audio GA-GT2 Tech 21 Sansamp GT2 emulation plug-in preamp cabinet simulator

    Black Rooster Audio release GA-GT2

    Authentic emulation of classic pedal

    Black Rooster Audio's latest plug-in emulates the Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 pedal, offering a wide range of overdriven tones that can be utilised on a variety of sources. 

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    Black Rooster Audio TD-201 Roland RE-201 Space Echo replica modelled emulation vintage delay echo reverb effect plug-in

    Black Rooster Audio reveal TD-201

    Enhanced Space Echo plug-in

    Black Rooster Audio's latest offering aims to both recreate and expand on the sounds offered by Roland's classic RE-201 Space Echo. 

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    Black Rooster Audio RO-GOLD free vintage plate reverb plug-in

    Black Rooster Audio release RO-GOLD

    Free vintage plate reverb plug-in

    RO-GOLD from Black Rooster Audio is a free software emulation of a vintage plate reverb upgraded with a 24k gold plate. 

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    Black Rooster Audio KH-COMP1

    Compressor Plug-in

    This characterful compressor offers a little more control than most ‘vibe machines’.

    Reviews Dec 2020
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