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Signal Processors

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    Boss Waza Craft FZ-1W Vintage Fuzz

    Analogue Distortion Pedal

    Boss have launched a Waza Craft Fuzz pedal, which uses new circuitry that aims to recreate classic fuzz sounds and more modern variants.

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    Boss IR-200

    Amp & Cab Emulation Pedal

    The IR‑200 is a compact, DSP‑powered pedal that pairs an amp simulator with a speaker cabinet impulse‑response engine.

    Reviews Apr 2022
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    Boss Space Echoes

    Two new Space Echo pedals from Boss

    True stereo tape echo pedals unveiled

    RE-202 and RE-2 emulate the sound of Roland's classic tape delay & spring reverb unit

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    Boss Tube Amp Expander | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    There are plenty of very heavily distorted examples already out there to be heard, but I’ve gone for some tones that I think challenge the technology a little more.

    Reviews Sep 2019
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    Boss Tube Amp Expander

    Reactive Load & Speaker Simulator

    Widely touted as Boss's response to UA's popular OX, the Tube Amp Expander actually offers a contrasting approach. Will one of them be a clear winner?

    Reviews Sep 2019
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