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Signal Processors

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    Baby Audio Spaced Out

    Delay & Reverb Plug-in

    This ‘wet effects generator’ is aimed squarely at modern productions.

    Reviews . Jun 2021
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    Waves CLA Epic

    Delay & Reverb Plug-in

    Waves have a long‑standing relationship with celebrated rock music mixer Chris Lord‑Alge, and CLA Epic offers the user some of Chris’s favourite delay and reverb treatments.

    Reviews May 2021
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    Inspired Acoustics Inspirata

    Immersive Reverb Plug-in

    The evolution of convolution takes several steps forward with Inspired Acoustics’ awe‑inspiring immersive reverb.

    Reviews . Feb 2021
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    iZotope Neoverb

    Reverberation Plug-in

    Your virtual assistant is here to help you find the perfect reverb...

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    NUGEN Audio Paragon

    Convolution Reverb

    Have you ever wished convolution reverbs could be a little more malleable?

    Reviews Jan 2021
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