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Signal Processors

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    Creating Reverse Reverb

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White conjures up a nostalgic tape effect using an MIDI + Audio sequencer.

    Techniques Dec 1998
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    Creative Use Of Effects

    Tips & Tricks

    All recording setups incorporate effects devices of one sort or another, but it's easy to end up using them only in the same predictable ways. Roger Jackson introduces some more imaginative ways to freshen up your productions.

    Techniques Nov 1998
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    Where To Use Processors & Why: Part 6

    Tips & Techniques

    With so much high-end analogue processing gear using valves these days, it's easy to assume that they invariably equate to a better sound — but that's not always the case. Paul White explains.

    Techniques Mar 1998
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    Where To Use Processors & Why: Part 5

    Delay & Echo

    Delay, originally called echo, is one of the oldest artificial effects, yet it can still be one of the most impressive — if used with care. Paul White explains the potential problems and how to avoid them.

    Techniques Feb 1998
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    Where To Use Processors & Why: Part 4

    Chorus / Phasing / Flanging

    Chorus, phasing and flanging are very common processes, but they don't always achieve the effect you hoped for. Paul White offers a few tips.

    Techniques Jan 1998
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