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Signal Processors

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    NAMM 2018: Chandler TG Opto & TG12345 MKIV 500 Series

    We hear the latest Chandler EMI 500 Series hardware at NAMM

    Take a look at and listen to the latest hardware from Chandler Limited’s collection of 500-series EMI modules...

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    Chandler launch new EMI/Abbey Road 500-series gear

    Opto compressor and EQ released making 500-series TG12345 channel possible

    The fruitful ongoing partnership between Chandler Limited and Abbey Road Studios has yielded a string of highly...

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    Chandler RS124

    Vari-mu Compressor

    Abbey Road Studio’s revered RS124 tube compressor has never been made available commercially... until now.

    Reviews Mar 2016
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    Chandler Curve Bender

    Stereo Equaliser

    Theres a risk of over-hyping anything that has a link to the heyday of Abbey Road, and theres plenty of buzz about this EMI-inspired EQ — but it seems that in this case it isnt hype.

    Reviews Sep 2010
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    Chandler Germanium Tone Control


    Beneath this innocent exterior lies a growling analogue beast that can help you create some truly unique sounds...

    Reviews Nov 2007
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