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Signal Processors

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    SSL SubGen subharmonic synthesizer low end bass enhancement LFE generator plug-in

    SSL unveil SubGen plug-in

    Four bands of subharmonic synthesis

    SSL's latest plug-in claims to be the ultimate tool for bass generation and low-frequency enhancement, combining a four-band subharmonic synthesizer with overdrive and compression processors.

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    Hit'n'Mix RipX v6.2 DeepCreate DeepAudio DeepRemix audio stem separation software isolate individual instrument parts

    Hit’n’Mix update RipX

    Improved source separation & guitar-focused features

    RipX now offers greatly improved separation quality along with the ability to display chord symbols for separated guitar layers in any track. 

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    Ampeg SVT Suite

    Bass Amp Modelling Plug-in

    Ampeg’s first official plug‑in offers a range of classic heads, cabs and effects.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    G-Sonique Resonant Techno Reverb RRTX24

    VST3 Reverb Plug-in For Windows

    Seeking creative inspiration? This reverb might be up your street if you are a Windows user...

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepCreate

    Source Separation & Audio Processing Software

    Hit’n’Mix add recording features to RipX with the new DeepCreate module.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    Locomotive Audio WT-Comp

    Vari‑mu Compressor

    This characterful valve processor offers vari‑mu compression at a very attractive price.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    Wave Alchemy Glow

    Reverb Plug-in

    Based on the pioneering AMS RMX16 reverb, we put Wave Alchemy's affordable native plug‑in alternative through its paces.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Q. For parallel compression, should I use different tracks or a compressor’s wet/dry control?

    When doing parallel compression, are there advantages to using the compressor fully wet on another channel, and feeding it with an aux send from the first track?

    Sound Advice Apr 2023
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    Strymon Cloudburst

    Digital Reverb Pedal

    There are many reverb pedals around, but this box has a few tricks up its sleeve.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    Locomotive Audio WT-Comp | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    The audio examples available on this page accompany my SOS April 2023 review of the Weight Tank compressor by Locomotive Audio. I’ve provided before and after examples along with the settings I used and a few thoughts on what I was trying to achieve with the compressor in each setting.

    01_Drum Room_RAW

    A mono drum room mic without any processing applied.

    02_Drum Room_WT-Comp

    This is an example of the WT-Comp being used to add character and excitement to the drum room mic. The attack was on the fastest setting, the release set at 11 o’clock and the drive setting was engaged. Around 7-8 dB of gain reduction was applied.

    03_Bass Guitar_RAW

    A bass guitar captured via direct input without any processing.

    04_Bass Guitar_WT-Comp

    An example of the WT-Comp used on a bass guitar DI to add more dynamic consistency. With upwards of 10 dB of gain reduction applied, you can hear how the compressor makes the part more solid but at the expense of a little low-end and a general change in tone. For this example, I had the drive setting engaged, the attack at 2 o'clock and the release at 3 o’clock.

    05_Acoustic Guitar_RAW

    An acoustic guitar recording with no processing.

    06_Acoustic Guitar_WT-Comp

    With the WT-Comp in its ‘round’ setting this is an example of I used the review unit to make a strummed acoustic guitar part sit more confidently in a mix. The attack was set at 2 o'clock and the release at its fastest setting.

    07_Electric Guitar_RAW

    An example of a slightly driven picked electric guitar recording.

    08_Electric Guitar_WT-Comp

    With the attack at 2 o’clock and release at its fastest setting, I used the WT-Comp to add more saturation and make the guitar part cut through the mix more easily. The drive setting was used and as much as 10dB of gain reduction.

    09_Female Vocals_RAW

    An example of a female vocal recorded without any processing.

    10_Female Vocals_WT-Comp

    In this example, you can hear how the WT-Comp adds more weight to a female vocal. I found I had to tread quite carefully on vocals and this has just 3-4 dB of gain reduction applied with both the attack and release set at around 12 o'clock. This is in the ‘round’ setting.

    11_Male Vocals_RAW

    An example of a Male vocal recorded without any processing.

    12_Male Vocals_WT-Comp

    For this example, I used the same settings as for the female vocal but with the drive setting engaged to add more harmonics to the vocal. I generally preferred the WT-Comp on male vocals that benefited from the extra low-end weight and a more coloured sound.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Cranborne Audio Carnaby Harmonic EQ

    Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ

    500-series Equaliser & Enhancer

    It’s equalisation, Jim... but not as we know it!

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Musik Hack Master Plan all-in-one mastering limiter multi-band compressor peak limiter analogue tape saturation loudness LUFS metering plug-in

    Master Plan plug-in from Musik Hack

    Promises professional-sounding masters within minutes

    The first plug-in from Musik Hack is an all-in-one mastering solution that combines loudness, saturation, EQ and stereo width processing. 

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    Softube Bus Processor compressor saturation stereo width spatialisation plug-in  SSL G-series

    Softube release new Bus Processor plug-in

    Compression, saturation & stereo width processing

    Softube's latest plug-in pairs a compressor with saturation and stereo width sections, aiming to provide users with an all-in-one bus processing solution. 

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    Waves plug-in subscription and perpetual licences remain

    Waves update: Perpetual licences to remain

    Available alongside new subscription service

    Waves have released a statement announcing that they will be bringing back the option for users to purchase and update perpetual versions of individual plug-ins and bundles.

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    Waves Creative Access audio plug-in subscription only model announced

    Waves announce Creative Access subscriptions

    Plug-in makers launch two subscription packages

    Waves have announced the launch of Creative Access, a new service which offers Essential and Ultimate subscriptions containing 110 and 220 plug-ins respectively. 

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    Cranborne Audio Carnaby Harmonic EQ analogue saturation equaliser 500-series

    Cranborne Audio unveil Carnaby Harmonic EQ

    "First new analogue audio circuit in 40 years"

    This innovative 500-series EQ from Cranborne Audio takes a completely new approch to equalisation, with each of its three bands offering variable amounts of harmonic saturation. 

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    IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX amp cabinet modelling software high-gain Tone Models

    IK Multimedia expand TONEX library

    High-gain Heroes adds 50 new Premium Tone Models

    High-gain Heroes adds an additional 50 Premium Tone Models to IK Multimedia's TONEX library, bringing the total count of amp and cabinet models to 1100. 

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    AIR Music Technology Vocal Effects Collection Doubler Harmonizer Tuner Distortion plug-in bundle

    AIR release Vocal Effects Collection

    Vocal tuning, distortion & harmony/unison generators

    The latest plug-in bundle from AIR focuses on vocal processing, offering pitch-correction and distortion effects along with tools that allow users to generate harmonies and unison parts from a single vocal track.

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    Hush App Mac noise reduction vocal dialogue noise reverb clean up restoration Apple Silicon Neural Engine

    Hush noise reduction Mac app released

    Runs on Apple’s Neural Engine

    Hush is a new Mac application capable of reducing background noise and reverb from spoken word recordings. 

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    HeadRush Prime guitar vocal multi-effects modelling cloning pedalboard harmony Antares Auto-Tune live studio system

    HeadRush Prime modelling processor

    New flagship pedalboard system announced

    HeadRush's new flagship pedalboard system greatly expands on the capabilities of its predecessor, boasting built-in amp cloning, new effects and amp models and onboard Auto-Tune processing courtesy of Antares.  

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    SynchroArts RePitch 1.1 vocal editing pitch-correction plug-in update ARA2 VST3 AU AAX

    Synchro Arts RePitch 1.2 update

    New Multi-Region editing mode added

    The latest version of RePitch introduces some new editing functionality and performance improvements along with a range of enhancements and user interface tweaks.



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