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Signal Processors

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    Tape Delay In Your DAW

    Using A Reel-to-Reel Recorder For Echo Effects

    Second-hand tape recorders are cheap and can provide uniquely warm, organic delay effects. Best of all, its a piece of cake to integrate them into a digital mixing setup. We tell you how...

    Techniques Aug 2007
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    Q. What is the difference between Passive and Active EQs?

    I've never known what the difference is between a passive EQ and an active one. Could you explain?


    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. Dynamics processors: what's the difference?

    I know they are all dynamics processors, but what's the difference between a levelling amplifier, a limiter and a...

    Sound Advice Jun 2007
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    Q. How do I maximise loudness on tracks?

    I have been recording music for quite a few years now, but I always get the same problem when I listen back to my mixes:...

    Sound Advice May 2007
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    Quartz Composer: OS X's Hidden Gem

    Apple Notes

    While Mac users continue to wait in anticipation for new Mac hardware and software, we explore a really neat application you might not realise you even own, which lets you create your own MIDI- and audio-based visual performances.

    Techniques Apr 2007
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