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Signal Processors

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    Waves APA 32

    DSP Plug-in Host [Mac/PC]

    Waves are the latest software company to launch their own hardware DSP accelerators. The APA 32 and 44-M can be linked over Ethernet to form massively powerful plug-in farms.

    Reviews Sep 2005
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    Waves L3

    Multi-band Mastering Limiter [Mac/Windows]

    If you want your mixes to go to 11, Waves' new mastering limiter might be the weapon you need.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Waves Transform Bundle

    Sound Shaping Plug-ins [Mac/PC]

    If you are the kind of person who likes to accentuate the transients in their pitch-shifted recordings, before vocoding them and auto-doubling the results, Waves have the perfect plug-in bundle for you...

    Reviews Dec 2004
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    Waves Maxxbass 101 & 102

    Bass Enhancers

    The processing from the Maxxbass plug-in is now available in hardware format.

    Reviews Feb 2003
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    Waves Y56K

    Audio Processing Mini YGDAI Card For Yamaha AW4416 & AW2816

    A plug-in card for the Yamaha AW-series workstations that combines Waves-quality DSP effects with eight channels of ADAT optical I/O.

    Reviews May 2002


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