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Signal Processors

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    TC Electronic MD3

    Stereo Mastering Tools [Powercore]

    Thanks to the new MD3 package, Powercore users now have access to high-end mastering tools from TC's System 6000 processor.

    Reviews Apr 2005
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    Convolution Processing With Impulse Responses

    How It Works

    Although convolution is often associated with high-end reverb processing, this technology makes many other new sounds available to you once you understand how it works.

    Techniques Apr 2005
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    Plug-in Folder

    Universal Audio Plate 140 • Prosoniq Morph • Wave Arts Power Suite

    We check out another batch of plug-ins destined to find a place in your virtual rack.

    Reviews . Mar 2005
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    DAV Electronics BG4


    A premium compression sound lurks behind the no-frills cosmetics of this new Broadhurst Gardens processor.

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    BIAS Sound Soap Pro

    Noise-reduction Software [Mac/PC]

    This cross-platform package from BIAS offers high-quality denoising at an affordable price.

    Reviews Feb 2005


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