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Signal Processors

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    Behringer SX3040 & SU9920

    Enhancement Processors

    Behringer offer highly affordable excitement in the shape of two new sub-£100 rack processors.

    Reviews Jan 2008
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    Behringer FBQ2496

    Feedback Destroyer Pro

    Given its more than respectable range of facilities and 24-bit/96kHz operation, the low price of this feedback processor seems far too good to be true. We find out whether it is...

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Behringer MDX2600 Composer Pro XL

    Dynamics Processor

    Behringer have redesigned their popular Composer Pro, adding tube simulation, de-essing and dynamic enhancement.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    Behringer V-Amp 2

    Modelling Guitar Preamp

    The enhanced V‑Amp 2 has more sounds and more features... for less money!

    Reviews Jun 2002
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    Behringer Modulizer 1200

    Pro Modulation-based Effects Unit

    Paul White tries out a rather unusual effects collection from Behringer's new budget box of tricks.

    Reviews Aug 1999
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    Behringer MDX2200 Composer Pro

    Multi-function Dynamics Processor

    The latest version of Behringer's Composer dynamics processor appears to provide all the facilities anyone could ask for, with a separate expander/gate, compressor and limiter for each of its two channels.

    Reviews May 1999
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    Behringer DSP1000 Virtualizer V2

    24-bit Multi-effects Unit

    We try out what must be the most cost-effective programmable 24-bit effects unit on the market. But can quality really come at such a low price?

    Reviews Apr 1999
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    Behringer MDX 4000 Mastercom

    Multi-Band Compressor

    Multi-band compressors tend to cost a little more but can often produce more natural-sounding level control than standard broad-band compressors. Hugh Robjohns looks at a sophisticated new model from Behringer and tries to restrain himself.

    Reviews Dec 1996
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    Behringer Dualflex EX2100


    Paul White finds Behringer's new 'more of everything' box a plentiful source of cheap thrills.

    Reviews May 1996
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    Behringer Ultra-curve

    Signal Processor

    Paul White plugs into the all-singing, all dancing digital box that can perform graphic, parametric and shelving EQ functions all at once — and even handle real-time room analysis and auto EQ'ing during its quieter moments...

    Reviews Mar 1996
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    Behringer Combinator

    Multi-band Compressor

    Behringer claim that the Combinator can dramatically compress a signal without introducing any undesirable side-effects. Paul White checked it out on a mastering session.

    Reviews Nov 1994
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    Behringer Edison

    Stereo Image Enhancer

    Designed according to a 'secret recipe', Behringer's new budget stereo image enhancer is set to widen everyone's recording horizons (and their stereo images). Does it deliver the goods? Paul White finds out.

    Reviews Sep 1994
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