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Signal Processors

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    TC Electronic SCF Gold

    Stereo Chorus-Flanger Pedal

    TC Electronic’s first chorus device dates back to 1976 and is now reborn in the form of their SCF Gold all-analogue pedal.

    Reviews Aug 2022
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    TC Electronic June-60

    Chorus Pedal

    Billed as a faithful recreation of the built-in chorus effect found in the Roland Juno‑60 synthesizer, the June‑60 pedal goes all out to recreate the Juno aesthetic...

    Reviews Dec 2019
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    TC Electronic Flashback Delay 2 X4

    Digital Delay Pedal

    Boasting three pressure-sensitive footswitches, this delay pedal puts more control at your feet than most.

    Reviews Dec 2019
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    TC Electronic TC 2290-DT

    Delay Plug-in & Hardware Controller

    The TC 2290-DT is part plug-in, part hardware: the bus-powered USB 2 device acts as both dongle and control surface...

    Reviews Aug 2019
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    TC Electronic HyperGravity

    Multi-band Compressor Pedal

    TC’s HyperGravity compressor pedal is unapologetically digital and is based on the algorithms developed for TC’s high-end System 6000 platform.

    Reviews Aug 2016
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    TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo

    Stereo/Mono Delay Pedal

    Does this take on delay-pedal history merit a place in your pedalboard’s future?

    Reviews Feb 2015
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    TC Electronic LM2.

    TC Electronic LM2

    Stereo Loudness Meter

    There's more to loudness than meets the ear — and after years of research, TC know more about that than most.

    Reviews Sep 2013
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    TC-Helicon VoiceTone Correct XT

    Vocal Processor

    It can be difficult to exercise control over your vocal tone in a live environment. TC-Helicon aim to put the most useful effects right at your feet.

    Reviews Aug 2011
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    TC Electronic MD3

    Stereo Mastering Tools [Powercore]

    Thanks to the new MD3 package, Powercore users now have access to high-end mastering tools from TC's System 6000 processor.

    Reviews Apr 2005
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    Q. Can I flatten out my finished tracks using a hardware compressor?

    In my hardware-based setup, with my TC electronics Triple*C compressor, is it possible to do the kind of limiting on a full mix where you end up with a waveform that is levelled off at the top and bottom, 'brick wall'-style?

    Sound Advice Dec 2003
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    TC Electronic Powercore Firewire

    Integrated Effects Unit [Mac/PC]

    TC's plug-in powerhouse is now available as an external Firewire-connected rack unit.

    Reviews Oct 2003
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    TC Works Assimilator

    Fingerprint Equaliser Plug-in

    The latest plug-in for the TC Powercore card allows you to extract frequency responses from commercial tracks and apply them to your own mixes.

    Reviews Apr 2003
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    TC Electronic Reverb 6000

    Reverb Processor

    TC's flagship reverb processor, based on the System 6000 hardware, combines 16 channels of world-beating processing with flexible and lightning-fast operation.

    Reviews Apr 2003
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    TC Electronic M•One XL

    Dual-channel Effects Processor

    TC upgrade both the hardware and the software of their cost-effective M•One multi-effects unit.

    Reviews Apr 2002
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    TC Electronic G Major Guitar Effects Processor

    The effects engine of the feted G Force at half the price! What more could you want? TC Electronic's new G Major guitar multi-effects processor sets out to redefine the price/performance ratio.

    Reviews Dec 2001
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    TC Electronic Triple C

    Dynamics Processor

    Paul White tests TC's new multi-mode approach to dynamics, and finds that it's as easy as CCC.

    Reviews Dec 2000
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    TC Electronic D-two

    Digital Delay

    A studio effects processor dedicated solely to providing digital delay is a rare thing in this age of all-singing, all-dancing multi-effects units. Paul White tries out TC Electronic's affordable D-Two.

    Reviews May 2000
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    TC Electronic Finalizer 96K

    Mastering Processor

    TC Electronic have upgraded their already impressive Finalizer mastering processor to include a number of new features, most notably 96kHz capability. Hugh Robjohns finds out if it's still at the top of the tree.

    Reviews Mar 2000
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    TC Electronic M One

    Dual-Channel Effects processor

    TC Electronic have an enviable reputation for their high-quality digital effects processors, and have now launched the first of a new line of budget-conscious units. Hugh Robjohns checks out the M One.

    Reviews Feb 2000
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    TC Electronic Intonator

    Vocal Pitch-correction Processor

    One of the most important innovations in recent studio technology is the ability to automatically correct out-of-tune vocals in real time. Antares have had this field to themselves with their Auto-Tune plug-in and ATR1 hardware unit — but now there's competition. Paul White tries out TC Electronic's version of perfect pitch in a box.

    Reviews Aug 1999
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    TC Electronic M3000

    Studio Reverb Processor

    Mike Collins provides some early reflections on TC Electronic's latest reverb unit and effects processor.

    Reviews Jun 1999


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