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Signal Processors

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    Ampeg SVT Suite

    Bass Amp Modelling Plug-in

    Ampeg’s first official plug‑in offers a range of classic heads, cabs and effects.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    G-Sonique Resonant Techno Reverb RRTX24

    VST3 Reverb Plug-in For Windows

    Seeking creative inspiration? This reverb might be up your street if you are a Windows user...

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepCreate

    Source Separation & Audio Processing Software

    Hit’n’Mix add recording features to RipX with the new DeepCreate module.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    Locomotive Audio WT-Comp

    Vari‑mu Compressor

    This characterful valve processor offers vari‑mu compression at a very attractive price.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    Wave Alchemy Glow

    Reverb Plug-in

    Based on the pioneering AMS RMX16 reverb, we put Wave Alchemy's affordable native plug‑in alternative through its paces.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Q. For parallel compression, should I use different tracks or a compressor’s wet/dry control?

    When doing parallel compression, are there advantages to using the compressor fully wet on another channel, and feeding it with an aux send from the first track?

    Sound Advice Apr 2023
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    Strymon Cloudburst

    Digital Reverb Pedal

    There are many reverb pedals around, but this box has a few tricks up its sleeve.

    Reviews . Apr 2023
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    Locomotive Audio WT-Comp | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    The audio examples available on this page accompany my SOS April 2023 review of the Weight Tank compressor by Locomotive Audio. I’ve provided before and after examples along with the settings I used and a few thoughts on what I was trying to achieve with the compressor in each setting.

    01_Drum Room_RAW

    A mono drum room mic without any processing applied.

    02_Drum Room_WT-Comp

    This is an example of the WT-Comp being used to add character and excitement to the drum room mic. The attack was on the fastest setting, the release set at 11 o’clock and the drive setting was engaged. Around 7-8 dB of gain reduction was applied.

    03_Bass Guitar_RAW

    A bass guitar captured via direct input without any processing.

    04_Bass Guitar_WT-Comp

    An example of the WT-Comp used on a bass guitar DI to add more dynamic consistency. With upwards of 10 dB of gain reduction applied, you can hear how the compressor makes the part more solid but at the expense of a little low-end and a general change in tone. For this example, I had the drive setting engaged, the attack at 2 o'clock and the release at 3 o’clock.

    05_Acoustic Guitar_RAW

    An acoustic guitar recording with no processing.

    06_Acoustic Guitar_WT-Comp

    With the WT-Comp in its ‘round’ setting this is an example of I used the review unit to make a strummed acoustic guitar part sit more confidently in a mix. The attack was set at 2 o'clock and the release at its fastest setting.

    07_Electric Guitar_RAW

    An example of a slightly driven picked electric guitar recording.

    08_Electric Guitar_WT-Comp

    With the attack at 2 o’clock and release at its fastest setting, I used the WT-Comp to add more saturation and make the guitar part cut through the mix more easily. The drive setting was used and as much as 10dB of gain reduction.

    09_Female Vocals_RAW

    An example of a female vocal recorded without any processing.

    10_Female Vocals_WT-Comp

    In this example, you can hear how the WT-Comp adds more weight to a female vocal. I found I had to tread quite carefully on vocals and this has just 3-4 dB of gain reduction applied with both the attack and release set at around 12 o'clock. This is in the ‘round’ setting.

    11_Male Vocals_RAW

    An example of a Male vocal recorded without any processing.

    12_Male Vocals_WT-Comp

    For this example, I used the same settings as for the female vocal but with the drive setting engaged to add more harmonics to the vocal. I generally preferred the WT-Comp on male vocals that benefited from the extra low-end weight and a more coloured sound.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    Antares Auto-Tune Pro-X

    Pitch Correction Software

    We check out Antares’ latest fine‑tuning of their flagship product.

    Reviews . Mar 2023
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    Two notes ReVolt Guitar & ReVolt Bass

    Amp Simulation Pedals

    These new all‑analogue simulations run a real tube on a high‑voltage supply, and cover a useful range of tonalities.

    Reviews . Mar 2023
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    Wes Audio ngLeveler

    Digitally Controlled Analogue Level Automation System

    The idea of digitally controlled VCAs is far from new — but this implementation feels like the future!

    Reviews . Mar 2023
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    Caelum Audio Flux Pro

    Modulation Effects Plug-in

    Flux Pro is an affordable, easy‑to‑use, graph‑driven effects plug‑in which can produce some addictive rhythmic effects that completely transform the source material.

    Reviews Mar 2023
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    Pope Audio BAX 2020R

    Dual-channel Baxandall EQ

    Pope Audio have now developed a dual‑channel 19‑inch rackmount version, the BAX 2020R.

    Reviews Mar 2023
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    Terry Audio CEQ

    Six-band Stereo Equaliser

    Some love a Pultec. Others prefer a Neumann or a Lang. Marshall Terry decided to combine his favourite aspects of these much‑loved equalisers in one box!

    Reviews . Mar 2023
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    Cableguys ShaperBox 3

    Multi-effects Plug-in

    Cableguys’ box of tricks is a creative processing powerhouse.

    Reviews . Feb 2023
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    Compressor Topology

    Feed-forward Or Feedback?

    Feedback and feed‑forward compressors can sound very different. Which type is right for which job?

    Sound Advice . Feb 2023
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    DOCtron IMC

    Stereo EQ & VCA Compressor

    Billed as an instant mastering device for on‑stage use, the DOCtron IMC could well be an entirely new class of audio processor.

    Reviews . Feb 2023
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    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Hardware Plugin

    Distortion Pedal & USB Audio Interface

    Want to use a real Big Muff Pi in your DAW session? With this one, you can just plug and go...

    Reviews . Feb 2023
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    Elta Music Polyvox PF-3

    Stereo Filter

    Elta Music have put the heart of the celebrated Soviet synthesizer into a convenient desktop box.

    Reviews . Feb 2023
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    Eventide H90 Harmonizer

    Multi-effects Pedal

    With its astonishing array of new and cherished effects, Eventide’s ‘everything pedal’ should appeal to guitarists, synth heads and mix engineers alike.

    Reviews . Feb 2023
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    Heritage Audio Herchild 670

    Dual-channel Valve Compressor

    Part of their new American Heritage line, the Madrid‑based manufacturers’ latest offering is their take on the mighty Fairchild Model 670.

    Reviews Feb 2023


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