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Signal Processors

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    Aphex EX BB500

    500-series Enhancement Processor

    Aphex's Exciter has been around in one guise or another for years, and when first launched, back in 1975...

    Reviews Aug 2012
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    Aphex 240

    Dual Logic-gated Compressor

    The latest dynamics processor from Aphex combines a sophisticated gate with an easy-to-use compressor and forces them to work as a team.

    Reviews Jan 2007
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    Aphex Punch Factory

    Compressor Pedal

    This new optical compressor not only has a smooth sound, but also offers gain-reduction metering to help you set it up.

    Reviews Dec 2004
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    Aphex Model 204

    Aural Exciter

    Aphex update their famous Aural Exciter and Big Bottom processes for the 21st century.

    Reviews Feb 2002
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